Train Fever 40% off, nominated for games award and featured in TV

Until November 20, 19:00 (CET), Train Fever is available as a Steam daily deal 40% off:

We are very happy that Train Fever was nominated in the category Best Strategy Game at the German Developer Award 2014:


Also, note that the Swiss national TV featured the game in a news show. For those of you speaking German (or even better Swiss-German ;) ), please find the TV report here:

Finally, we wanted to let you know that development continues and new game updates will be released soon.

Less traffic jams, a new bus and… waypoints!

We’re happy to announce that another game update has been released today. This update brings the long-awaited waypoint feature (for train lines), a new bus and traffic simulation improvements.

Those who like complete control over a line’s route can now add waypoints between stations. You can use existing signals as waypoints or build custom ones (also available in the signals menu). This functionality can also be employed to force a line to use a particular platform at a station.

Then, we’ve made some improvements regarding the traffic simulation. You might have observed the situation where a crossing is used by only a single car at a time. This was one cause for traffic jams and shouldn’t happen anymore. Nevertheless, if you find one of your cities entirely stuck, you may free it from cars by upgrading some of the streets. This will send a lot of people and cars home.

Finally, a new bus (MAN SL 192) has been added to fill the gap between the Mercededs-Benz O 6600 (1951) and the Berkhof Duvedec (1989).

Please find the complete release notes here.

A note for modders: you can now add custom signals and waypoints (so that they appear in the menu) by including the appropriate metadata in the model file. See the existing files for reference.

Stability patch released

Today, another stability patch was released.

The patch brings improvements and resolves several issues and crashes. In addition to fixes for crashes which can occur (very rarely) on any system, stability on Max OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Intel graphics cards and AMD Radeon 3xxx/4xxx has been improved.

Also, Lua scripts are now handled in a more robust and user friendly way. As a consequence, modders can modify the game more comfortable, and people who have installed mods get better error messages if anything went wrong with a specific mod.

Please find the complete release notes here.

We know this is not a patch that brings new features, and we understand that many of you are waiting for that. However, we feel responsible that everyone who meets the minimal system requirements can play the game without issues. This is why we had to spend some time to develop this patch.

In the next days and weeks, we focus on developing new features as already announced earlier. For those who still experience issues, please send us an email ( However, please first make sure the issues are not related to mods, your computer meets the minimal system requirements and that the latest drivers are installed.

We look forward to further developing the game!

Best wishes, the Urban Games team.

train_fever_teamA small team is working hard to make Train Fever better and better: Manu (2D/3D Artist), Basil (CEO), Urban (CTO) and Coach (3D Artist).

Performance boost and a large list of improvements

After two weeks of hard work we are excited to release a major game update.

Most important, the update (build 4519) brings the long awaited performance boost. Navigation, rendering, simulation and line manager performance have been significantly improved. The game now runs more fluently and big lags are history. However, note that the first view still needs some processing time, but as soon as a region has been explored the game runs fast.

In addition to that, there is a large list of improvements and bug fixes. For instance, railway signals are now animated, the main menu shows a progress bar when loading a save game, and buildings now show detailed facades consistently when zoomed in. As always, many improvements have been motivated by community requests.

Please find the complete release notes here.

You may wonder what we do next. Still there is a large to-do list. One top priority issue is way points or at least line track selection at stations. Also, track construction should be more convenient. In addition there is a list of details like e.g. make cars waiting at railroad crossings. There will also be more performance optimization (especially for very large scenes) and finally, we also want to implement the widely requested vehicle auto replacement feature.

You can be sure that we continue to listen to the community and improve the game, and we are confident to present a next game update soon.

Thanks for your continuing interest in Train Fever!

Track upgrade tool, robustness improvements and Dutch translation

Today, another game update was released (build 4414).

The update brings the long awaited high-speed track upgrade tool. Thus, standard tracks can now be converted to high speed tracks with a tool similar to track electrification.

In addition to the Dutch translation, the update contains several robustness improvements. Most important, save games are more reliable now.

In particular, a bug which caused corrupt save games on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 was fixed. Also, textures and crash dumps are now handled in a better way and therefore, the game runs more stable.

Please find the complete release notes here.

Based on the discussions on Steam and on the website forums, still a large list of improvements is currently work in progress. One very important task is performance optimization which will most likely be included in the next game update.

Also let us mention that McAfee anti virus finally white listed Train Fever! Thanks to all players who reported the issue to McAfee as well. Still we don’t understand why McAfee needed almost four weeks for this step ;) anyway the issue is now solved.