USA DLC to be released in February 2015

Today we officially announce a first Train Fever DLC. The DLC will be available for free in February 2015 and will include more than 50 typical American locomotives, train cars, buses, streetcars and trucks.


But it’s not only vehicles: When starting a new game, players can choose whether to play in a European or American environment then. Terrain, vegetation and towns will look different dependent on the player’s choice as well.

At the same time, modding capabilities will be extended. We will not only reduce the number of currently hard-coded implementation parts, but also improve the handling of mods in general: Mods can then be activated or deactivated in-game and save games will remember which mods are active.

We have observed the modding scene (especially on during the last months and we are absolutely excited by the huge amount of great content created there. Because we are not able to model all vehicle by ourselves and because many modders like to contribute, we have decided to involve the modding scene in the development of the USA DLC. Therefore we officially invite all modders to take part here.

This said, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2014 was an amazing year for us and you can be sure that we won’t stop listening to the community, developing new features and improving the game also in 2015.

Better simulation, better usability, better Train Fever

We are very happy that today another major game update has been released.

Traffic simulation has been heavily improved with the newest version. Most important, cars now take into account the current traffic speed (and traffic jams) in advance. Therefore, people can now drive around traffic jams (if possible) or may decide to use player-created lines instead. In addition, towns no longer allow that players bulldoze their main connection streets (works for new games). These changes lead to a more realistic passenger simulation and to a more interesting game experience.

screen_00Some car drivers may get tired of being stuck in traffic jams and switch to the player’s bus line.

As always, we have been listening to the community and with this update we present two of the top requested features: Automatic vehicle replacement and realistic vehicle loading speed. Players can now define a vehicle (per line) which is used to replace existing vehicles when they reach their life spans. Therefore, large amounts of vehicles can now be managed more easily. Vehicle loading speed is now dependent on the number of vehicle doors. This way, especially modern commuter trains load and unload significantly faster.

screen_01Modern commuter trains have many large doors; therefore loading speed is quite high.

Usability in general has been significantly improved. Track and street builder tools are now more easy to use. We have not only fixed a number of small bugs, but we have also improved the user interface of these essential tools. For instance, obstacles which collide with your constructions plans are now highlighted in red color, and better error messages are displayed if a problem occurs.

screen_02Thanks to better error reporting track construction is more convenient now.

Also, we have added links to the player-created Steam guides in the main menu and welcome window. The learning curve for beginners is now more flat and more advanced players can easily find walkthroughs or background information.

Many more small improvements (e.g. animated depot doors) have been realized. Overall, we believe that the current update is a major step forward and Train Fever is significantly better now.

Please find the complete release notes here.

You can be sure that more updates and improvements will be released in future. Thanks for your continuing interest in the game and best wishes!

Railroad crossings, stake cars, Intel HD Graphics fixes and more

Today, another game update has been released. The update brings new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The update adds realistic and animated railroad crossings. Cars and people now stop and wait at railroad crossings if trains are approaching. Beside a simple warning sign there is also an animated half barrier crossing available after 1925. Note that the style of a crossing can be changed also after construction (click on the crossing). Modders are invited to create more crossing styles.

train_fever_teamCars and people are waiting at a half barrier railroad crossing.

Also, three new stake train cars have been added. Wood now must be transported in these wagons and can no longer be transported in the closed goods wagons (except the wagons in existing save games). At the same time we have implemented a discrete train car load visualization system, which again offers new possibilities for modders.

train_fever_teamWood is now transported with stake cars.

There is also good news for everyone running Train Fever on an Intel HD 4200 / 4400 / 4600 graphics card. A problem in the current drivers of these cards caused the game to freeze and the graphics driver to restart. We have implemented a workaround for this problem and we are very confident that this problem is history now.

In addition to the Polish and Czech translation, the update brings many more small fixes and improvements. Please find the complete release note here.

Development is currently running at full steam and you can expect more updates and improvements in the next weeks. Thanks again for your interest in Train Fever and best wishes!

Train Fever 40% off, nominated for games award and featured in TV

Until November 20, 19:00 (CET), Train Fever is available as a Steam daily deal 40% off:

We are very happy that Train Fever was nominated in the category Best Strategy Game at the German Developer Award 2014:


Also, note that the Swiss national TV featured the game in a news show. For those of you speaking German (or even better Swiss-German ;) ), please find the TV report here:

Finally, we wanted to let you know that development continues and new game updates will be released soon.

Less traffic jams, a new bus and… waypoints!

We’re happy to announce that another game update has been released today. This update brings the long-awaited waypoint feature (for train lines), a new bus and traffic simulation improvements.

Those who like complete control over a line’s route can now add waypoints between stations. You can use existing signals as waypoints or build custom ones (also available in the signals menu). This functionality can also be employed to force a line to use a particular platform at a station.

Then, we’ve made some improvements regarding the traffic simulation. You might have observed the situation where a crossing is used by only a single car at a time. This was one cause for traffic jams and shouldn’t happen anymore. Nevertheless, if you find one of your cities entirely stuck, you may free it from cars by upgrading some of the streets. This will send a lot of people and cars home.

Finally, a new bus (MAN SL 192) has been added to fill the gap between the Mercededs-Benz O 6600 (1951) and the Berkhof Duvedec (1989).

Please find the complete release notes here.

A note for modders: you can now add custom signals and waypoints (so that they appear in the menu) by including the appropriate metadata in the model file. See the existing files for reference.