New gameplay video

We know you’ve all been waiting to see Train Fever gameplay, so we’re very glad to announce the first gameplay video! It’s narrated by project leader Basil Weber and shows some of the game’s basic features.

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  1. Oh my It is beautiful, like Transport Tycoon Deluxe for the 21th century. I will be gutted if this doesn’t make it to market. It would make a perfect game for my OS X desktop.

    Please do more videos and posting on the technical details, the random generated world sounds very interesting and intelligently done, I would love to know more about how this works and what impact it has on gameplay.

    Also I know that you are only aiming to include passenger transport but I dearly hope that additional goods will be added at a later date.

    Time to play the online promotion game to get some attention to this one.

    • Thanks for the input! For sure we’ll add new content (videos, images, web pages) in order to support the crowd funding campaign. We may also provide more details about the random generation of the terrain and the towns.

    • I think you have a great product to be; however I think you should use KickStarter instead of that current platform you are on. The american crowdsource site seems to fund projects faster. I’d would put down a lot if you used kickstarter instead. Good luck.

  2. Additionally I’d love to hear more about how the players actions impact the world. It seems clear that you have some clever mechanics in place to let cities adapt and grow when infrastructure such as busses and trains are put into play.

    Will there be “contracts up for bid” as Transport Tycoon Deluxe had, something local governments might issue in the hope of generating growth and profits? Likewise will there be a way for the cities to indicate where there is a need for transport, such as an under served part of town?

    I love that you can put inner city transport in place without destroying existing structures. It always felt like such a shame in TTD that you demolish large parts of a perfectly good town to put in the train station with the best coverage e.g.. The design you have come up with seems much nicer and more natural.

    Finally I hope that eventually the routes will have some clever automatic naming, such as based on city names rather than route N as well have being able to be categorized based on the type of transport (which seems to be down to train or bus) to make them easier to manage. Also I hope that you will make upgrading technology less painful than TTD did, so there is a way to upgrading your whole fleet or selected lines once progress provides you with better trains/busses rather than having to send trains to the depot, sell the old train, buy the new one.. for every train under your management one by one. That was especially painful and made TTD less enjoyable.

    • A basic explanation of the impact of the player actions on the cities is already online: Simulation

      A clever automatic naming for the routes is a great idea. Very likely we’ll do that. Upgrading technology will be much easier than in Transport Tycoon. There will be a number of tools allowing for intelligent organization. Typically these tools help to handle repetitive tasks.

      And yes, we plan to include “contracts up for bid” for both connections between and within cities.

  3. I invested on symbid but how can I contact you in private to discuss some suggestion/ideas and ask some question?

      • I too invested but I do not see my name on the investors list, however I my Gambitious account does list my investment. I am certain I did not pick the Anonymous investor option. I am assuming this is just a minor bug and everything is okay.

        Will you be reaching out to more news site and other PR opportunities in the near future to help move the project in to the limelight it so throughly deserves (e.g. I have not even seen a thread announcing it’s presence in the OpenTTD community forums where I would have assumed they would be all over cool things like Train Fever). I’ve tried to do my part by contacting my media friends and spreading the word. I will also be pledging an addition 40€ every month till such a time as the campaign ends.

  4. Ever since I played Simutrans I wanted to play a game similar to it, but without the grid and in 3D. It seems like Train Fever is this game.
    I like everything I have seen in the video and especially how the cities are growing as time passes while still looking natural. I always thought this would be one of the biggest problems of making a game like Simutrans without a grid, so I am amazed by the solution this game is using.
    The only parts of the town that look a little weird right now are the streets leading out of the town into nowhere. Maybe if there were houses along those streets, cities would look even more realistic.

    I hope freight transportation and maybe one or two more means of transportation (maybe ships) will be available in the final game, although I already like the game the way it is.

    I’d love to see a new gameplay video soon, maybe with larger cities and a larger transportation network to demonstrate signals. Thank you for all the work you have put into making this game so far. It looks very promising!

  5. I think its a real pity that the game isnt being founded by kickstarter aswell, as Im sure you will reach you goal by far on there. I want to see this game go live, unfortunally I like the kickstarter system allot better, along with majority of people. So my wish is to see it announced there too. Why dont do both?

  6. Wow! This is great! Its about time, This sort of genre has had a massive gap in it for years! I can garantee that if this is spread to openttd, transport tycoon audiences then this will take off, youtube needs it, facebook needs it and the forums need it and you sir have a game ready to fly off the shelves…

    I for one will buy it proving you post on this forum again (simtropolis) with a place to purchase it to the UK…

    ~ James.

  7. This game has SO much promise, I would absolutly LOVE to see it come to light. But goods must be included. The systems you have created would meld so well with the movement of goods I can’t see why you wouldn’t include them.

    Coal from mine to coal power plant which powers cities.
    Grain from farms to food processing plant, food to cities.
    Iron from mine to smelter, steel to any number of places.

    At the very least make this system moddable so the community can go wild with the goods and people they move.

  8. Wow, some very clever tools have already been implemented! The simulation seems to be quite realistic, which tackles the Transport Tycoon problem of moving people and goods endlessly around. It seems you guys are making great progress on producing and excellent 3D successor of TT/OpenTTD! (I noticed randomly generated bus stop names? Nice!)

    I too hope industries will be implemented in the end, but of course: take your time. I’ll check out this site regularly to see what is happening. In the meantime, I have two questions.
    First, how will dual rail lines be handled? Mr. Weber mentioned extending his rail line in the future: would that consist of just adding a new line next to it, plus some switches? Will that one snap to the older one? Will it be possible to upgrade the whole line? Or should he demolish everything and drag a new, dual rail line?
    Second, the placing of stations seems very similar to it is handled in Transport Tycoon, except for the fact there seems to be just one fixed platform length. This may become a problem when trains get longer. Will it be possible to deal with that?

    I may be asking to much, but some of these things just never occurred in TT due to the restrictions of the grid… Anyway, good luck with your project!

  9. Why did you guys not consider kickstarter ? It would of had more notice – if you had to register under a UK-US business thing i think its worth it even if you’re based else where to get the funding… curious on why you choice a less than well know site to get funding ??

  10. Looks like a splendid project. A-Train (aka Train Giant in EU) was the last bid on the makret, since Rails never really took up the heritage from Railroad Tycoon, and A-Train feel a bit short in terms of simulation and graphics.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on the project, as games like Railroad Tycoon, Capitalism (epic!), Transport Tycoon, Industry Giant and Sim City have been a major focus of mine for almost 20 years.

    Any chance that the game moves beyond passenger transport? I’m thinking different goods like in Railroad Tycoon and Industry Giant? With the amendment of industrial development? Or is that out of scope? Can’t have the project stalling due to scope creep.


  11. Tis the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Please continue …

    Two things … please make a sophisticated market system. The more goods to put together to make the more products the better. And please make mod tools so we can make our own maps, so this will live on forever.

    Thank you !!

    • Will be there only tram bus Train or will be there more? I main maybe it is possible to make the map that huge that you can even think off an aeroplane and an airport or an harbour. To make the complete city international. Or is this a Huge change? For now this game looks very impressive to me. And yes i really want to look forward to buy it.
      In all the years i dont buy that much games only the games that make impact on the industry and i guess this game is one of them.
      And what about the weather? and wil be there excidents, trains delay, train crashes? train broken? Or the Railroad broken so you have to repair it?
      And will be the system requirements? and how large will be game be? I hope huge i mean 4gb is nothing nowadays and how bigger it will how more content we can get.
      And can we make our own map with than unlimmited distance of map? So we can create an own world. With all the kind of transport what the world has to offer.
      Thank you for creating a game like this. I hope i dont demainding to buy.

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