Train Fever on Steam Greenlight

Our project can now also be found on Steam Greenlight:

“Steam Greenlight helps developers get feedback from potential customers and start creating an active community around their game during the development process.”

To maximize the advertising effect, don’t hesitate to vote for the project!

2 thoughts on “Train Fever on Steam Greenlight

  1. Hello from America!,

    What a fantastic game you all are creating. I am very excited about the progress thus far and can only imagine how awesome the completed work will be. I wish I could invest at least 50$ (USD) however, Gambitious can not currently accept donations from the USA. Is there ANY other way supporters like myself can send you all some money to aid in development at this time?

    keep up the excellent work!!

  2. Great that you like the game! It’s a shame that US citizens can not invest at the moment. We considered several ways to also incorporate US citizens. However, we did not realize this because of the big effort which would be needed, and because we are very confident that we reach the goal even without the contribution of the US citizens. Note that very likely US citizens can participate on Gambitious soon (but not before the end of our campaign).

    Also note that we plan to do a pre-sale / pledge campaign later this year. For sure, US citizens can participate then.

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