Visual updates incoming

Due to many community requests we decided to start with frequent development updates. Every update will show a specific part from Train Fever during the development. We start with screenshots from the new terrain we have created. We know this is not the most interesting part of the game, but it’s the foundation of the game where everything is built on top.

terrain_0 terrain_1

The terrain in Train Fever is up to 256 square kilometers large, with a very detailed horizontal resolution of one meter. Compared to other games, this is a very high degree of realism. On the one hand, details in the small scale can be modeled. On the other hand, realistic dimensions are present in order to allow the construction of long railway lines.

terrain_2 terrain_3

The game world in Train Fever is randomly generated. The main elements are hills, rivers, lakes, forests, rocks and fields. The terrain is dynamic and gets automatically updated / aligned during the game (e.g. when constructing railroad tracks).

terrain_4 terrain_5

In order to create these screenshots, we have removed civilization. Don’t miss our next updates, where we feature streets, tracks, buildings, vehicles, industries, simulation and so on. The last screenshot teases already our next update, it’s going to be about streets.

13 thoughts on “Visual updates incoming

  1. Absolutly beautiful.
    I’ve been following Train-Fever for a while now and I love these sort of updates.
    I played (and from time to time still play) those older transport tycoon games and I love them, but these days they feel so outdated. It’s nice that there’s coming a new transport/public transport/railroads tycoon game.

    Showing more of the game is a very good idea, because I doubt it that a lot of people have ever even heard about Train-Fever.

    Spread the word!
    Good luck!

  2. Very nice screenshots. It’s great to hear your intent to keep us informed and engaged. Thank you so much for doing this project!

  3. Indeed amazing graphics. Looking forward to the next report! Cant wait to play the game

  4. This is wonderful. Thank you so much!
    I’m looking forward to the next updates and the game itself. =D

  5. The scenery is great! However the most concerning things now is the hardware requirement of Train Fever. Do we need to prepare an extremely powerful CPU and display card?

  6. Great!! The zoom is awesome and i can’t wait to see an Intercity drive throughout the landscape in a realistic way.

  7. It’s great news that you’re able to find the time to give us information more frequently. This is an exciting project which has the potential to draw together the best elements from the pantheon of transport sims. May will be a long time coming.

  8. Great, glad you are doing more frequent updates now! Let’s hope this gives the game more exposure as well. Let’s keep telling everyone about this!

  9. Cheers for the frequent updates.
    Can’t wait for the game, looks good so far! I hope it will be a success so it can be expanded even more later 🙂

  10. 1) I’m glad the game is looking so good!
    2) The game could look like Google Maps for all I care, I want that fun-gaming transity goodness.

    Actually, Google Maps: The Game is a pretty great idea…

  11. *sabberhecheltropf* Um es mal für mich auf deutsch zu sagen und zu zeigen ja es gibt auch deutsch sprachige die es kaum erwarten können LKWs und Züge über diese schönen Straßen und Schienen zu schicken macht weiter so!

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