New concept art, screenshots and vehicles

Development is going smooth, and we found some time to refresh our website and provide new content.

First and most important, we have extended our concept art page. We have added high resolution game objects, game art and a selection of screenshots. Examples include:

train_br_218_cargo_camera_0 Class 218 diesel locomotive with cargo carriages

horse_transporter Horse cargo transporter around 1870

truck_man_side Man 1975 truck side view

cars A selection of cars

Second, our screenshot page now features high resolution images. Examples are:

screen_2048_00.jpg Class 53 Prussian G 3 locomotive with oil carriages

screen_2048_01.jpg Re 6/6 (620) locomotive

screen_2048_02.jpg Be 4/6 “Mirage” street car

Finally, we have updated the vehicles page. More than 30 vehicles are listed there. Each vehicle is introduced with an image and a short description. One example is:

nohab_2048x1152 NoHAB AA 12 locomotive with EW 2 carriages

As mentioned already in the introduction, development is on track and we are confident to be able to provide more updates soon. We also know that many of you want to get more insight into game-play. We try to take this request into account. However, this is somewhat difficult because some aspects of the game are still not 100% implemented (but will soon), and we do not want to present features which finally might not be included in the game.

51 thoughts on “New concept art, screenshots and vehicles

  1. Eager to try it; I am sure that we will get a lot out of this game. And if you implement vehicles in our creation, game round.

    Courage, gentlemen.

    A greeting from Spain


  2. Absolutely awesome! I have been waiting for such a game since years!

    I hope it will be available soon and that there will be a Linux version, too!
    Such great artworks and a great gameplay – that looks very promising to me.

    Keep up the great work and looking forward to see TrainFever in stores soon!

    ( BTW the NOHAB is my favorite locomotive – great to see it in your game! :O) )

    • The game should be releleased in Q3 this year. And YES, linux version should be available:)

      • Ok so where do i pre-order the Linux version πŸ™‚

        Cant wait to have a play

      • Please take your time with the release date. I would rather wait until late 2015 to play this game as you’ve envisioned it, than to play it earlier with bugs and cut corners due to time constraints. Thank you for all of the effort you and your team are putting into this. It looks like it will be a fantastic game when it is complete.

  3. Great progress! The vehicle selection is getting really big, and it all looks great. The Class 218 screenshots really show it’s great detail, which is very good work. I can’t wait to see how all these vehicles work together in-game, the variety is great for gameplay. I wish you luck as you finish up the gameplay features, this already looks very fun and intricate and it seems that you will be able to make it just that. Happy working!

  4. Looks great, but there seems to be an issue with rendering wheels, as none of them are round in any of the screenshots. Minor details maybe, but try to drive around in a vehicle without round wheels πŸ˜‰

    • You got to keep in mind that this is a sort of tycoon game: most of the time you’ll be hoovering around above a city, so I doubt it that you’ll ever get bothered by the fact that the wheels aren’t 100% round in game. πŸ˜›
      I won’t denie that I didn’t notice it too, but I doubt it that it’ll be a big problem in-game for me.

      • Square wheels could affect my immersion into the game. There is nothing worse than flawed logic, especially one that’s a tycoon game.

    • In a 3d enviroment, there is no such thing as a round object. You just have objects made of a lot of flat polygons, the more polygons there are in the models, the smoother and rounder it seems.
      It also gets more taxing in term of computing power.

      Given that this is a simulation and you’ll have hundreds or thoudands of vehicles running around, I don’t think it’s wise to model single wheels using a cylinder with a bajillion sides just to make it look smooth and rounder at the closest zoom.

      • Well…

        in many 3D games, the level of detail is varying, depending on how close the camera is to the respective objects. So if you zoom in, a more detailed model of the same object is shown in order to look good, and if you zoom out, less detail is shown in order to save calculation capacity for the other objects. This could be done here as well.

        But still, i agree with “Berry” here – perfectly round looking wheels are not a necessity in this kind of game.

  5. It looks absolutly fantastic.
    Too be honest, when I first heard of this project I was expecting a ‘slightly better’ Sid Meier’s Railroads! Well… I was wrong, this game is looking better and better with each update!

    Nice work!

  6. sieht super aus, ich freu mich schon auf eine Demo oder zumindest ein ausgiebiges Letsplay

  7. Hey – it’s looking great! I’m super-excited about this game. Fabulous work! And thanks for the update.

  8. So good!
    Really nice update,I can’t wait to play with Train Fever!=)

    Β°just one thing,will houses have some more detail (fences,concrete in front of the door and stuff like that)?

    Thanks again for this beautiful update guys!

  9. Wow. Fantastic. We are Fans from Germany and being waiting very nervous of the release.
    Please tell us a date when it rolls out 8/14 or in 9/14 ….. pleeeease


    You are killing me with these teases. It’s like waiting for Christmas when you were 5 years old. So looking forward to this game.

  11. I don’t know if this is already planned, but have you considered the possibility to add a model for the driver on the carts and the steram engines with an open cab like the early ones? I know it’s just eye candy, but it looks strange. Even a static model will do, no need to make it animated or too detailed.

    • I agree with you, the horses just know where to go without a driver… I’ve never seen a horse just wondering about on his own, delivering cargo and walking around with carriages loaded with freight. And I doubt it that they are being controlled by ghosts or invisible drivers.
      I think the horse carriages could use a little bit more detail overall, especially the horses. The horses just look pretty odd. Oh well, maybe we won’t really notice the alien-like horses when we’re playing the game. Maybe it’s just the size of them on the pic, IDK.

          • Eeeerr… Let’s just say that you can see that the creatures are horses. I wouln’t say that they look good, I’d say they look ‘good enough’ at best.
            I think you should go to a farm if you think there’s nothing wrong with them to see what horses look like IRL. πŸ˜›

            Anyway, as I said before it might just be the size of them on the picture, I don’t think it’s very noticeable in-game.

  12. I am really locking forward to this game and these new pictures paint a really nice image of what to expect from TF. I am also really excited about first real game-play insights and of course also an option to get my hands on a nice copy of a beta version if possible πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the good work people! I wish you all the best.
    Greetings from Aachen,
    Alexander aka Xanos

  13. That is very very good.

    In the Vehicle page, there is no longer the ICE available and no trains after 1975. What is planned for this period ?

  14. Hello,
    great update. It looks great.

    How about the license of the cars and trains?

    At the first update, you wrote:
    This is a difficult topic. Of course, we have addressed this question in detail, but we don’t want to explain all details here. Just this: All vehicles listed in this update will appear with the original design and names in the game.

    So now you must not show it, but later it will be in the game?

  15. Just like to say…
    It looks awesome… Looking at this it reminds me of the good old Transport Tycoon… been hanging to play a game like that again but with today’s Graphics.

    Good Work Guy and Girlz from Train-fever team.

    Keep up the good work…

  16. I love what you guys are doing. Graphics look great. I have been waiting a long time for a product like what you are putting together.

  17. it would be perfect if the depots were more like real life, i mean that they have parallel tracks and deposit the trains on them and not just disapear in some bulding. Also they would be more realistic if they consume quite much space and have the abillity to expand them with more tracks like in real life!!!
    just an idea if you want

  18. So I noticed that there are the same four basic products for transporting (coal, wood, ore, and oil), and of course passengers. But instead of just “goods” (which are the old crates), there now are containers. Is this a new development?

    I really would love a seaport where you can export and import containers from large container ships if this is planned.

    • I think the idea behind the container is just that it is another way to represent goods.

  19. Guys, that’s really cool. I realise, that I want this game more and more πŸ˜€
    By the way, is it all transport that is going to exist in the relise version?

  20. Thanks for your feedback again! Please find here some answers to open questions:

    Can you make vehicle wheels more round and is there level of detail?

    There is level of detail, i.e. for each vehicle, we have multiple models which are shown dependent on how far the camera is away. Unfortunately, the best level of detail models still do not have perfectly round wheels. In the game the camera is located slightly farther away, and therefore this is hardly visible. Anyway, we can improve this in future.

    Will houses have some more detail (fences, concrete in front of the door and stuff like that)?

    Yes, houses and gardens will be more detailed in the release version. This is one thing we are currently working on.

    Have you considered to add a model for the driver on the carts and the steam engines with an open cab like the early ones?

    Yes. Most likely, drivers will be added.

    Will there be a Linux version and can you tell us the date when the game will be available?

    There will be a Linux, Mac and Windows version. The game will be available in Q3 this year. The exact release date will be announced at a later point in time.

    How about the license of the cars and trains and what about vehicles after 1975?

    Of course there will be vehicles after 1975 as well. Unfortunately, the license situation gets more complicated for modern vehicles. For instance, we are not allowed to include the ICE 3 train. Anyway, we are confident to be able to present good alternatives soon.

    What cargo types are available at release?

    Coal, wood, iron ore, oil and goods at least.

    Best regards,

    Basil Weber
    Urban Games

  21. Great stuff. I’m looking forward to getting the software. Just a point of information about the caption to the class 218 image: “carriages” are always passenger vehicles. The word you want is “wagons”!

  22. you could make a DLC with maglev trains!!!
    it would be good and preferred by the passengers for bigger distances πŸ˜‰

    • Yes plese, include maglev trains, maybe as futuristic DLC. Preferably Transrapid please.:)

  23. Hi everyone! is it time for the monthly update? πŸ˜‰
    Any news on the gameplay/UI?

  24. Man, this has been in development for a long time. I really hope it comes out in the fall as planned. It looks great!

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