Beta registration closed

Last week we have asked for beta test registration. Feedback was amazing, we have received 1’167 emails in these days! Thanks very much for each application. It’s a great motivation for us.

In a next step, we will randomly select participants. In total, 200 testers will be selected. About 80 applications are from crowdfunding supporters. We have decided to include them all, because they actually made this game a reality. That means we will randomly select about 120 testers in addition. As a consequence, unfortunately the probability to be chosen for everyone except crowdfunding supporters is rather low.

Each applicant gets an email no later than July 10. We also send emails to people not among the lucky ones. Participants then get further instructions by email.

For those of you not selected there is another (last) chance to get it: Starting soon, there will be a competition on our Facebook page. Ten more beta test places will be awarded there.

Finally, let us answer still open questions:

How strict is the NDA? What’s the full name and address for?

The full address was intended for the NDA, i.e. for an agreement it’s essential to know which parties agree πŸ˜‰ however we decided to make the NDA less strict than originally planned. Actually we forgo the strict NDA but instead do an agreement per email.

Could you please state how many hours this will take approximately per day?

That is up to you. Of course, the more hours you spend the better for us.

Will the Linux beta run through Steam, too?

Yes. However, Linux testing has not yet been scheduled.

Can you apply more than once?

That was possible, but that didn’t increase your probability to get chosen πŸ˜‰ everybody has the same chance.

38 thoughts on “Beta registration closed

  1. I’m actually surprised by the number of applications, I didn’t really expect the number to be that high.
    It’s nice to hear that you’ll also send an e-mail to the people who weren’t selected for the beta test (I hope I won’t get that e-mail :P), that way you know that you won’t have to wait, just to find out that you weren’t one of the lucky ones.

    I hope that the ones that do get selected will do their best to find as many bugs and glitches! πŸ™‚

  2. reads:
    “1’167 emails ”
    “200 testers will be selected.”
    thinks: shit
    “About 80 applications are from crowdfunding supporters. We have decided to include them all”

    YES πŸ™‚ That’s good news for the 80 crosdfunding supporters. I knew it was worth investing πŸ™‚

  3. Quick question: will there be a special place where we can discuss the beta, providing feedback about (potential) bugs?

  4. Nah, crap. I heard about this projet right after the crowdfunding has ended. I really wanted to help (with money, of course) but I never get an answer on my post here. Now all I can do is .. crossing my finger.

  5. Great! Happy bug squashing everyone!

    And once the Linux beta is scheduled, I am ready! (Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit with Steam up’n’running!) :O)

  6. Just Hoping I Get a Spot, Would Be So Incredible Assisting The Team With The Test of Such An Amazing Simulation Program! Love It Already πŸ™‚

  7. Just crossing my fingers. Hope to catch this fever early, but I doubt it. Oh, well, time to rerun my slogan for the game!

    “Get ready to catch a fever, Train Fever”

    • This is for the team…

      I am in pacific time, it’s June 10th, and still no email, even though I followed the instructions to the best of my ability, and sent my application to the right email address. Did I do something wrong? Please respond ASAP, if you can.

  8. Crap!
    I have so much time on my hands right now I could play the beta until it literally melts the GPU.
    The probability of getting picked as non-backer is so low! :O

  9. I got selected! I’ve been playing cities in motion for a while, and I can’t believe I got selected to test it! My PC specs are a bit dated (:c) but I hope I can run this!

  10. Got mail. I’m not in the list… I’m very upset
    Good luck in testing!

  11. Well whenever your looking at Linux testing how can i express my interest?

  12. Welcome. Do you know when you see the train Fever in the full version? When the official release?

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