Train Fever now available for pre-order

Update July 26, 2014: Please find answers to questions asked here.

We are very happy to announce that Train Fever is now available for pre-order!

You can choose between the electronic version and the German retail version (Steam activation required). As a pre-order bonus, you’ll get a copy of the game’s soundtrack (featuring 70+ minutes of music by Admiral James T.) and a digital game poster.

Electronic version (Humble Bundle)

German retail version

Train Fever
Note: Box contains bonus
materials physically

Electronic version (Steam)

Just in time with the pre-order start, there is also a new game trailer:

We would like to say thanks in advance for each order. You allow us to do further developments in the transport simulation genre!

49 thoughts on “Train Fever now available for pre-order

  1. Congratulations guys!

    I’m definitly not pre-ordering (I’ve learned that lesson :|), but it’s great that you guys now have an official release date! Can’t wait!

  2. As a beta-tester, I can’t purchase the game, it sais I already own it. How does that work out?

  3. On Steam it says that Linux version will be released week later (Sept 11). Does that mean that boxed version will be Windows only?. And just to make sure, if i buy boxed version I will be able to download the Linux version from steam?

  4. As much as I want it, 30USD is a bit more than I can swing unfortunately, nice to see it getting close to release though. πŸ™‚

  5. This really is a great game and there is so much to expect in this game but 30 USD, I feel is a little too much for any game.
    It would be great if it was some where around 30 USDs.

  6. I really hope you will release the linxu version together with the windows and not in some way behind, but as far there isnt even a beta-testing for this system.

    +1 for the question of stmprn35

  7. Exciting times. Good luck to you with order numbers. I’d enjoy seeing my investment work out. πŸ˜‰

  8. congrats!!
    I am interested in ordering the game. However, I do not want it on Steam, I want it in a box. But: Amazon says they do not deliver to Switzerland….
    What now?
    Thanks for good ideas.

  9. If you think 30USD is too much for any game you should be glad you don’t live in Finland… Any new game here goes from 60-85USD so 30 feels like a bargain for me πŸ™‚

    Really happy it’s getting closer to release πŸ™‚

  10. 5th of September! :3

    Just pre-ordered, I cannot wait for the full release! O3O

  11. I hope there will be keyboard shortcuts available (eg. page up/down or something that works on pretty much any keyboard layout) that give the same functionality as scrolling with the scroll wheel. I also hope the shortcuts will work on non-US-qwerty keyboards.

    Will there be a Demo where you can test this out or do you have to buy it first and then realize it doesn’t work with a trackball? (most/all trackballs on the market unfortunately lack scroll wheel)

  12. Happy to see that it has a release date ,can’;t wait to play the game. and 30 dollars , i think is a very reasonable price. Games generally start at 49.99 or 59.99 USD these days. I just hope they make enough money to be able to invest more of their time on Great DLC content and future work on the genre ,that has been ignored so much in last decade.

  13. Yee-haa! Got the mail few hours ago and pre-ordered the Game through Steam right now! I look forward to get it for Linux then! Finally, there is release date as well, so the countdown can begin! ;O)

    BTW, I am waiting for the Linux beta tests and will register once available.

    I think, the price is very fair, considering that the Game will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows! Good games consume a lot of work until they are completed, thus are worth to be paid for! This Dev Team deserves to be supported – keep up the good work Guys! :O)
    Knowing the Swiss precision I am very confident that I will be very happy with the Game.

  14. Looks great and I’ll probably pre-order to support development.

    Wondering -where is the video or information on the signalling system that was promised a while back?

    • Why is the train signal system not shown in the trailer?

      It’s simply not shown in the trailer, there is no special reason. Signals will be included in the game of course.

      • Signals are so essential for this game! I hope it will be able to mod them to have signals for specific countries and regions. :O)

  15. Wow.. it’s really coming huh…
    I thought I knew better not to preorder games anymore but I guess this is an exception, I’m excited about it for various reasons and I’m happy to support linux gaming.

  16. Will I get the English version when I order it on steam?
    I want the english version only

    • If you buy it digitally, you’ll get the game in English. So if you buy it on Steam, you don’t need to worry.

      A related question about the boxed version:
      Are only the boxcover and manual in German or is the game in German as well?

  17. Yes! the pre-order is in the pocket. Can’t wait, keep up the good work and good luck with getting the game release worthy!

  18. My pre-order is in. Looking forward to getting it. When will I get the game soundtrack? Will it be the same day of the games release?

  19. Pre-ordered. Cant wait for Linux release day.

    Be interest to know what the pre-order numbers look like

  20. Please find answers to questions asked here:

    Can crowd-funding supporters pre-order as well?

    All crowd-funding supporters get the game for free, since they actually made this game a reality.

    Can beta testers pre-order as well?

    As a mark of recognition, we have decided to give the final game to all beta testers for free. They did a great job so far and they actually enable us to do the right things in the final month of development.

    What is the difference between the digital and the retail version?

    Actually there is no real difference, except of course that the retail version is delivered in a box and contains the game data, therefore it’s not required to download the whole game.

    Is the retail boxed version German only?

    No. Just the box cover etc. is in German. The game can be played in German, English or Russian.

    Is the retail boxed version Windows only?

    No. The game can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition to all game data there is a Steam key in the box. However, please note that Mac and Linux versions will be available one week after the initial release.

    When will I get the game soundtrack and the poster?

    The soundtrack and the poster is available at the same time as the game is released. Note that the poster is also contained physically in the box of the retail version.

    Why is the train signal system not shown in the trailer?

    It’s simply not shown in the trailer, there is no special reason. Signals will be included in the game of course.

    Why says Amazon it cannot deliver to Switzerland?

    We are aware of this problem and it should be fixed soon. Until then we recommend to Swiss residents to pre-order the retail box for instance here:

    Thanks for your interest in Train Fever and best wishes!

    Basil Weber
    Urban Games

    • Guys, I really really wanna buy your game, but why cant I buy it with my normal Paypal account? Even on steam? I am always getting redirected to credit card! I dont have a credit card. I cant have one. So please, why cant I just buy it like everything else on the net? :/

    • Let’s hope at least we can make it our own language as in CiM 2 , though it would be nice to see it in Spanish out of the box.

  21. I pre-ordered it on Steam. Thet means that I’m not going to recieve the poster and the sountracks? :S

  22. “German retail version
    Train Fever
    Note: registration required
    to get the bonus materials”

    So what exactly does that mean? When I (pre)order the game via Amazon (as I intend to do), what kind of registration(Steam?) do you want to see and what kind of bonus material do you offer? The poster and soundtrack, oder something ingame? πŸ™‚
    Is it possible to play the retail version without a Steam account?

    • A Steam account with online access is mandatory to install the game.
      The registration for the bonus material is not needed anymore.

      • if I understand this correctly I would need to make a steam account (and have an active internet connection) before I could even install this game? I tend to buy boxed versions of games so I don’t need to go online and can reinstall the game regardless of the fact that some of the parties involved may no longer excist. I understand the need for protection of your game, but still…

  23. I just convinced my wife and preordered two copies via Amazon. But I am still interested in answers πŸ™‚

  24. Hello,

    I’m french and i will probably buy this game, i follow your work since six months…but one question.
    Will you do a french version ? (text) ?

  25. This looks like a really great game and I can’t wait for the release day. But I am very baffled that I can’t find any previews or a recent video of this game. Somehow I feel you screwed up on the marketing side…

    • Hey Jeff, there’s a german “Checkliste” video for train fever by a third party, it was uploaded a few hours ago. I agree about the marketing, would have liked to see more vids or even early access for pre-order customers, instead of closed beta + NDA. It’s not like developers have anything to hide if we can trust tomdotio’s Checkliste. πŸ™‚ It probably slows development because of required community support, but looking at the development of Factorio, I like having a wide range of opinions about the game in various states of development to decide wheter or not to buy it.

    • Exactly. It’s like they want to keep the upcoming release of the game a secret. I think there are a lot of people who would like to spread the word about the game, but how should they do if there is no recent content? The easiest way for the devs would be to lift the nda of the beta and let the community handle it…

      • I know it is hard to wait for something, but I am confident that the Devs want to present a polished and working game to the public. So I try to be patient and will wait for the official release. The video is great and looks absolutely promising to me. I can understand the impatience, but considering they are working since years on it, it should be possible to wait for those few weeks to pass by. :O)

        And even after release, development will not stop. There will be still lots of additional features to implement. I personally would like to see road traffic lights and road signs after I saw the video.

        I think, the release will not be the end, but the just beginning! :O)

  26. Already preordered, can’t wait!

    Indeed, I do notice a slight lack of variety in both environment and weather. Maybe they already got around to it and we don’t see it yet in the latest video, or maybe these aspects need some work. Even so, Nothing’s gonna stop me πŸ™‚

  27. This looked interesting, until I saw the “Mandatory Steam requirement”. I guess it’s not just piracy that results in lost sales, forcing people to use Steam can have the same effect… shame.

    The other thing I was going to mention before seeing that, was where are the system requirements on the website? You can’t really expect people to blind buy a game, when they have no idea what system they require… unless I have missed it of course, but I think I’ve been through every page.

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