Tokyo Game Show revisited

Since last week our team is back from Tokyo, and we are working on improving Train Fever with full workforce now.

At Tokyo Game Show, hundreds of (Asian) players and fans have visited our booth. It was an amazing experience to get in touch with players directly, and the game was received very well.


Prior to that, on September 14, we invited all modders to model one of the great Japanese Shinkansen trains. Just five days later, on September 19, two modders (PaTrond and OlaHaldor) delivered a 0 Series Shinkansen train.


We are very impressed that they achieved to create such a high quality train model in just 5 days! As a surprise gift, we decided to honor their great work with the cup_goldGolden Cup for Excellence in Modding (a special Steam achievement which will be displayed in their Steam profiles after the next game update) and five games for free.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to let all modders know that we really appreciate all your efforts and that you can be sure that we expand modding support and possibilities in future.

Finally, let us (again) emphasize that you can expect more game patches and improvements soon.

9 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show revisited

  1. Thanks guys for all your hard work. Looking forward to playing TrainFever as it gets better and better!

  2. I am really pleased to hear that Train fever will be improved with full flegded. Thanks for your continuous support.

    • I posted prematurely. I would add, awesome work so far. Loving the game. It wont take much to make it something that truly sets itself apart.

  3. I glad to hear that, Can we please have mods into Steam workshop in future.

  4. this for our two great mod makers PaTrond and OlaHaldor has won the Golden Cup for Excellence in Modding best wishes guys

  5. Hi Guys,

    First of all, awesome work on the shinkansen!
    Second, a question for the Devs: I am quite the completionist (getting all achievements) and I was wondering if it now still possible for people to achieve the golden cup award?
    Otherwise this game will be stuck at 97% forever for me, which would be a bit of a bummer.


    • Thanks for pointing out to that. We are aware of this problem and try to fix it, so that the “Golden Cup for Excellence in Modding” is only visible to people who own it. As a consequence, you should then be able to achieve 100%.

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