Track upgrade tool, robustness improvements and Dutch translation

Today, another game update was released (build 4414).

The update brings the long awaited high-speed track upgrade tool. Thus, standard tracks can now be converted to high speed tracks with a tool similar to track electrification.

In addition to the Dutch translation, the update contains several robustness improvements. Most important, save games are more reliable now.

In particular, a bug which caused corrupt save games on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 was fixed. Also, textures and crash dumps are now handled in a better way and therefore, the game runs more stable.

Please find the complete release notes here.

Based on the discussions on Steam and on the website forums, still a large list of improvements is currently work in progress. One very important task is performance optimization which will most likely be included in the next game update.

Also let us mention that McAfee anti virus finally white listed Train Fever! Thanks to all players who reported the issue to McAfee as well. Still we don’t understand why McAfee needed almost four weeks for this step 😉 anyway the issue is now solved.

21 thoughts on “Track upgrade tool, robustness improvements and Dutch translation

  1. Funny, I just manually replaced a line with electrified high speed tracks. This at least makes the process easier. Thank you!

  2. BItte, Bitte, auch ein fügen Wahl des Zeitverlaufes im Spiel oder Anpassung an mittlere und große karte – bei diesen Karten vergeht mir die Zeit noch zu schnell

  3. Great job! I’m glad that you are continuing to update and improve this. I bought it day 1 and have no regrets!
    I hope to se a replace or renew vehicle feature soon!

  4. Great! Thank you, Urban Games!
    I think the next big help for players would be ‘a road over railroad’.
    Also, on forums there is a demand for auto-replacing transport units. It sounds like very hard to implement (at least, when it comes to trains). If so, a ‘send to depot AND SELL’ button for every single unit would be a good relief, I think. It would be nice, if vehicles will bring cargo to its destination, get money for that, and only after that move to depot to sell itself.

  5. I think I should say thank you for the Dutch Translation,……

    But…. just like after the lats update for Mac I cannot play the game anymore. The moment I start the game, by clicking the “play” / “Spelen” button in Steam my Mac goes black and it is as crashed as crashed can be. I have to sthut the Mac down with the on/off switch.
    After rebooting and restarting it happens again., so since this update I have not been able to play the game. I have the latest OSX version 10.9.5 (13F34)
    So hopefully there will be an update soon so that the gam wil run more stable on my OS too.

    Or is it a Steam problem?

    • Hey Metssr,

      I have the same problem with my PC everytime I start TrainFever when my Firewall is still active.

      My suggestion would be to try and start it
      1. Firewall off
      2. Anti-Vir system off
      3. both off

      Thats how I found out, where the problem was.

      • On the Steam Forum I got this answer.
        try to delete the settings.lua file in Steam\userdata\10497246\304730\local
        restart the game and it should work

        and indeed it did work for me.

        That firewall issue is mentioned in this forum before (or on the community, or on Seam.
        I believe you have to exclude TF in the firewall or something like that.

  6. Really happy with the constant updates. Always good to see developers supporting their products after release.

    All I’m waiting on now is track crossovers and most importantly, waypoints.

    Please introduce waypoints soon so that we can manually designate which track each line uses. Really frustrating having freight trains holding up passenger services and multiple lines using the same platform at stations when there are 3 idle platforms that are never used. Waypoints can be used to solve so many problems in a more advanced late game layout.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Thank you for the steady game support. I have very much confidence in the developers that they solve all issues, making of Train Fever a great game title. And the release of the Dutch translation was for me a very pleasant unexpected surprise, well done 🙂

  8. Thanks for the patch.
    please add waypoints and road over rails also.
    please provide an option to turn off snapping
    wish u all the best for the game

  9. Yeee-haaaa! After 50+ hours of FUN I have to say – TF rocks! BTW had not even one crash yet under Ubuntu 14.04 up to now – solid! It is different, it is unique, it is Train Fever – and after learning how it works it is simply great! Looking forward to the coming long winter nights! :O)

    From my point of view one of the most important updates would be to make the rail signals optically working showing red and green. They should be red by default and once a train enters the block they would show the state of the coming block. There could be a separate main signal and a one-way signal looking slightly different, and a pre-signal (yellow-green) showing the state of the main/one-way-signal in front of it, causing the train to go to a slower speed to possibly avoid full stop. As the last signal type it would be nice to have a main/one-waysignal and pre-signal combo.
    Certainly then all of the signals could be modded for the different countries. Including some switch for changing the signal sides for players with left-hand-traffic would also be nice, too. In some countries there is also some „inactive“ state for electric signals and they only turn on if a train is coming.
    Optically working signals are a small but very important detail for realism and a *must* IMHO.

    Release early, release often, I like that! Thanks for the updates and keep up the good work!

  10. Very happy to see more improvements. Love the way you guys are sticking with and supporting the product. Currently I’ve stopped playing it, but look forward to coming back and giving the new options a try.

    This is a game I truly want to be awesome.

  11. Actually you can add working:
    Grade Crossing Gates
    Grade Crossing Lights
    Road Traffic Lights
    Industries (and their stockpiles)
    Rail cars (ore & coal now working)
    to that signal request.

    Yes, they are all small details but they make a big difference in realism and add visual interest. The game needs this very badly. It seems unfinished as it is.

  12. 非常高兴能见到这版升级补丁,不过说好的性能优化补丁呢?这么好玩的游戏可是卡得我们都没脾气了,在中国贴吧和论坛上全是叫苦连天,后期实在太卡。求制作者尽快发布最新的升级补丁啊。跪谢!好吧,可能你们不懂中文,我再来翻译成英文,不过我的水平太渣,你们凑合着看:
    firstly,thanks a lot for the latest improvement. And we hope the Team could release the optimization patch for the players. You know in China, players are disoppointed or even painfully sad for the game engine for the reason that the game will be not smooth with time passes in the game. sincerely hope to release the new patch!!! And we Chinese players will support the Train Fever Team all the time!

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