Performance boost, various improvements and additional languages

After a short break over the holiday season our team is back at work, and development runs at full steam! We are happy that today another game update has been released.

The update brings a significant performance boost. Many CPU calculations have been optimized, and the most expensive CPU task (pathfinding for people and goods) has been moved to a separate thread. In other words, Train Fever now exploits today’s multi-core processors. As a result, the game runs more fluently and the number of frames per second is higher, especially when playing with 2x or 4x game speed.

After the last update, many players complained about the newly introduced main connection street feature. The most important problem was that players were not able to remove or change streets even when a reasonable bypass was present. Unfortunately there was a major bug which we now have fixed. Let us apologize for this.

In addition there are various improvements like e.g. correct vehicle door animations (now doors open at the platform side only). Another widely requested feature is the ability to reduce the auto save frequency. We have added that and it’s even possible to disable auto save at all. Also the game has been translated to Spanish and Korean.

Please find the complete release notes here.

Finally let us mention that the development of the USA DLC goes according to our plans. You can expect the DLC to be released in the second part of February. We are excited that many modders are contributing to the DLC, and if you still like to take part please check this page.

Thanks for your continuing interest in Train Fever and best wishes!

35 thoughts on “Performance boost, various improvements and additional languages

  1. Great news. I’ll try this ASAP.

    It’s nice to see that you work hard to improve your game and listen to customer’s complaints. Much bigger game editors don’t give the same level of customer service, even if they have huge teams.

    Thanks for all the updates 🙂

  2. Glad to see you improving the game in steady increments, awesome!

    Some Feedback: (on an older i5-2500K CPU)

    Playing a medium map with fourteen towns, each between 1000 and 2000 residents. I notice a fair improvement, simulation speed is faster. I still have significant freezes at the end of each month and noticeable lag with each passing day. (Which I would explain with the now separate pathfinding thread stalling the system.) Normal speed is almost playable, to really build something though, I need to pause the game.

    I suspect the main culprit for the still underwhelming performance is a long train line with almost 40 stops, running all over the map. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I thought I noticed a large increase in end of the month lag, when I merged four previously separate lines.
    Would you recommend investigating this further and splitting the long line again?

    • I also noticed an increase of the lag duration at the end of each month. And as well a new lag after each day.

      is currently 50% freez time and 50% play time. thats frustrating. also on an medium map. with an i7 3770k

      • Hallo,
        i5-2500k und auch circa 50/50 auf Stufe 2. Also alle paar Sekunden ein paar Sekunden warten… Toll! :/
        Zugverbindung kann es nicht sein, hab da nur A B, bei Bussen bis circa 40 Stopps…
        Kommt schon Leute, man kann die Gesdhichte ned nach Spielen (ihr werbt ja mit 1850-2000)
        So echt Sdhade – Unspielbar und audh bissi herausgeworfenes Geld. Soll ja im gedachten Zeitraum flüssig laufen….

        • In English: Not running smoothly here as well, unplayable with end-of-month wait times on Speed-Level 2. it’s frustrating, that the game is “unplayable”, with lags every few seconds, which pauses the flow for a few seconds…

  3. Yeah, great! Perfomance is really improved!

    Also, it seems, now we’ll need to reconvert a lot of models… c:

    • Yes, this is really needed, its such a basic feature for constructing real railways.

  4. Excellent work indeed! I’ve waited for this patch so long and finally performance issue is solved!

    Bigger cities are still somewhat slow (or laggy) but not unplayable like before.

    Now It’s time to play Train Fever once more!

  5. Hi guys,
    Performance has defenitely improved, but months end still lags in big games with loads of big towns.
    Also, and that is now really bad, I’m getting regular crash to desktop errors. It seems when i make major changes to existing lines, e.g. reroute the line or also when adding some trains to a line and removing others. Please look into this urgently. it never happend before.

  6. Super Job Guys,

    first time the game is fluent. Now it is at least tripple the fun.

    Keep the good work.

  7. I appreciate you translation for Korean as I am a Korean, I always keep watching you and your updates. I am going to play it and have fun. Thanks again.

  8. Great update!

    Just as a feedback: Overall performance is definately better, thats great. But end of month calculation now gets me a much longer screen freeze (and from what I heard many others have the same problem). I hope you can address that in the future.

    However, the game just improved a lot.
    Thanks for the continued support!

  9. I love you guys and appreciate all your efforts, but things are no better for me. Performance is still poor and the lag is killing me. Sorry.

  10. When I create a new map, the town name are now in french (I’m french, so no problems with that). It’s something new ?
    With all the previous versions of the game, new maps were created with UK town names.

    • French town & street names were added in the last patch,I believe if you have the language set to french, it uses the new names

      Spanish and Korean names were also added in the last patches

  11. Big thanks for the continuous improvements! Greatly appreciated. But.

    Before the update my small map with all cities over 1000 population worked fairly well previously, a slight drop in fps when all the cities got to over 1000 pop, but only a second or two’s lag at the end of each month. Now, after the update, the fps improved a lot, which is great, but the monthly lag is horrible – around 10 seconds! Makes the game almost unplayable to me at the moment…

    i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz 8GB RAM / Win8.1 64-bit

  12. Thanks for the performance improvement.

    But still, no thanks to your main connection feature. It’s still infuriating because it still can’t find an alternate path on my map.
    Do I have to abandon my map in order not to have any problem ?

  13. On my computer I have a new small lag twice a day that makes it impossible to do anything while the time is running (game speed doesn’t matter) becauce even the mouse doesn’t move fluently anymore. The lag at the end of each month has decreased by ~25% (on my biggest map) from 7+ minutes to 5+ minutes every month.

    I don’t know yet if I like it more this way.

  14. Hallo,

    danke, das brachte zwar eine deutliche Verbesserung (war bei mir zuvor auf einer mittleren, schon rel. weit entwickelten Map praktisch nicht mehr spielbar), die nun regelmässig für mehrere Sekunden auftretenden Hänger (wie schon öfters angesprochen) sind damit aber leider auch beim mir hinzu gekommen.

    Hoffe, dass ihr das bald in den Griff bekommt.

    Gruss Andreas

  15. I just started a new game to try the update. I haven’t played for long to see if the performance is better, but the lags are just as bad.

    More frustrating, I tried to build a new railroad crossing in one town and got the “Main Connection” notice. I built a short bypass just to the left and tried to demolish the original road. Nope, it would not allow me to do so even though there was an obvious usable bypass just to the left.

    So far I have not experienced any improvement. I’m not complaining, because I really want this to succeed, but I feel the developers have to know our experiences and opinions to make this game better.

    • I find upgrading-downgrading the road in those circumstances to be helpful…

  16. Overall game performance is better, but end of the day and month performance dropped bigtime. The game hangs so long that on several occasions i thought the game had completely crashed.

    The game keeps freezing all the time, and that on an 8-core i7 with 16 gb ram. I don’t know what you did, but for sure this is not an improvement in the game experience. Please fix this asap.

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  18. Train Fever doesn’t work.
    My Computer has i5 Core, 2GB Nvidia Geforce GT, 8 GB Ram…the newest constallation of Drivers.
    It’s really smacks of trickery.
    20 Euro for only shit. shame for you. excuse me – I’m so angry!

    • Das frage ich mich auch! Im Steam finde ich nur Texte welche Updates ankündigen aber keine Dateien…

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