First post USA DLC patch

Today we have released a patch which fixes both issues of the recently published USA DLC as well as issues of the new mod system.

Most important, when running the USA DLC game mode, there was a bug which caused towns not to be completely American but mixed (all buildings, European and American, were enabled as a consequence of the bug). Furthermore, we have fixed a problem with the 2-8-2 Mikado Steam locomotive which caused the locomotive not to be available for purchase (as intended after 1898).

Because many players have requested that speed should also be displayable in “mph” instead of “km/h” we have added this feature (along with configurable units for power, weight and force).

In regard to the new mod system, we have fixed a number of issues as well. One issue was that the main menu mod list was not scrollable, which caused problems for players who wanted to activate a large number of mods. Another problem was that the displayed “active mod list” in the load game dialog was not correct (however note that the behavior was correct).

Finally, and probably most important to mention, deprecated mods are now directly recognized in Train Fever. Originally we planned that players use the available mod managers (TFGM and TFMM) to install / convert deprecated mods. However the plan failed because (a) some players install the mods manually and (b) in contrast to our plans one of the two available mod managers (TFMM) was unfortunately not updated yet, but was finally updated today.

Please find the release notes of the latest game update here.

To improve understanding of the new mod system we have set up a page which answers all frequently asked questions about mods here. The page explains how to use mods. At a later point in time we will also publish more information on how to create mods (specification of the new modding system).

Of course, we will update the game (and the USA DLC) also in future. Thanks for your continuing interest in Train Fever and best wishes!

19 thoughts on “First post USA DLC patch

  1. Most important things to Patch:
    – Bridge Collision
    – “no Space” when building 2 rails next to each other.
    – build Streets over Rails.

    Thx for the nice Game until now.

  2. Besten Dank für das super DLC, es funktioniert bei mir bestens. Eine kleine Bitte hätte ich jedoch noch. Ich Spiele im 4K Modus und damit die Maus bis an den Rand funktioniert, muss ich in der Windows Einstellung die Skalierung auf das Minimum einstellen, was wiederum bedeutet, dass die Bedienfelder extrem klein sind. Ich habe dieses Manko schon einmal im Forum gelesen, jedoch bis jetzt keinen Hinweis zur Verbesserung gefunden.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

  3. At the beginning it was very frustrating to lose my saved game and not be able to install mods. I only figure out because Gwinda is my friend and guide me through it.

    Perhaps the migration to the new mod system wouldn’t be so problematic if explanations would come with the announcement of the mod. Even that it uses third part tools, its very well done tools.

    Many people still avoid mods and think its too complicated to use them. If Steam Workshop is not in the plan, would be nice to present to the majority of the players (specially non-german speakers) the tools to use the mods. TFGM is very easy to use. It even accepts drag and drop. Just need an official presentation.

  4. No mention of Auto replace trains not working, road vehicles are ok, but trains replace carriages and leave old engine. I’ve temporally stopped playing, trying to build a double-track railway bridge seems impossible. Played some Cities in motion 2, their road/rail/bridge building is just spot on. I shall return to Train fever when it’s a little less beta.

    • No building double-track bridges isn’t impossible, just force the track to go up in front of the river/street you want to cross and it will work just fine. Uhm, and CIM2 is a pain when it comes to tracklaying. This stupid “above/below ground reference” in the building tool drove me crazy. And did they now finally fix the annoying “water in tunnel” bug, that made you rebuild whole sections of tracks because the tunnels were filled with water? What about the circling pedestrians, who just blocked whole tram lines for ever until you removed the tram that was blocked? Man, don’t call TF a beta, while your favorit game is still buggy like hell and not fixed for two years now. Well, but at least you can buy three extra busses for 5$ or some europeanlooking houses for 15$… TO THE CREDITCARDS LADS! 😛

  5. Love it but I must express one big frustration. I have this beautiful giant BigBoy steam engine pulling 5 cars because nothing makes enough product to justify the capable power of this magnificent beast!

    Of course it is losing money on every trip and now the game has pretty much stalled because I can’t borrow anymore.

    Please do something to get the industries to produce enough product to require 125 car coal, ore and oil trains so that the usage of these large engines makes sense and looks realistic.

    The game kind of just drags because of the meager production of the industries.

  6. And another thing . . . the USA version has European grade crossing lights and gates and European semaphore signals. It’s 1961 in my current game and there is no American style crossing gates available.

    I know there is a mod for the crossing signals/gates, but American style signals should be part of the DLC and not require a mod.

  7. If you are considering some additions in the game as mentioned above by various people, I might also want to suggest some –
    1) Two-way entry stations, so that people on the other side of the station can also access it.
    2) Street over rail construction
    3) Solve problems with laying double track bridges and tunnels (usually happens when constructing long bridges and tunnels)
    4) Track-over-Track crossings
    5) Double-track junctions
    Give your priority for the first point as it will be really helpful. Thank You and Great job with USA DLC.

  8. I absolutely agree with Ankit. I also really want two entrees for trainstations and more tracks for stations. Doubletrack junctions and Track over Track crossings are really needed. I also think the USA DLC needs USA specific Railwaystations and signs. It should be possible to play in a complete USA environment without using Mods.

  9. Okay, so it was yesterday that I finally found out that you had to extract mod files to make them work. WHO DROPPED THE BALL ON THAT!?

  10. The DLC is great, as is the game but are there any plans to fix the edge of screen scrolling? Can’t play this game much at the moment as the scrolling is so annoying to me. Thanks.

    • What!? The screen scrolling is killing the game for you? Really? Sometimes I wonder about people…

  11. Absolute sterling work on the DLC chaps, its essentially given the game a whole new lease of life.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

    A testament to what an excellent development team can do, keep up the staggering work you are already doing.



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