One hundred thousand thanks

Since its release in September last year, Train Fever has been sold more than 100.000 times. We are incredibly happy that our debut title was received so well and we would like to take the opportunity to express our thankfulness to everyone who contributed to this success story.

speed_trainUrban Games says thank you.

In particular we wanted to express a big thank you to the modding community (most important: More than 1.000 mods have been developed and make the game varied and long-living. It’s exciting to have such an active and motivated modding community and we are heavily impressed by all the creative creations.

Similar respect and thankfulness is addressed to all YouTube authors. An uncountable amount of YouTube Let’s Play’s demonstrates game-play and have inspired many followers. These contributions had a very positive effect on sales and they also helped us to get a good understanding of how people actually play the game.

This said, we wanted to let you know that we are still improving Train Fever and for sure there will be additional game updates. However, because we also started working on our next game title, Train Fever updates will be less frequent in future. Therefore, we kindly ask you for a bit of patience in this regard.

Today we can tell you that our next game title will be a transport simulation game again. Development has already started and we are currently finalizing the budget and game design. We are very confident that you like our plans 😉 and we would love to share the exact plan with you. However, because the plan is not 100% final yet we will announce details at a later point in time.

Thanks to our successful debut title our company is expanding. In future, seven people will work at Urban Games. One particular highlight is that one of our employees will work as a community manager. As a consequence, you can expect that our communication and community support will be much better in future.

Finally, let us mention that currently there are two open positions. Urban Games is looking for a full-time software engineer as well as a 2D / 3D artist intern. If you are interested in one of these positions, please find the job descriptions here.

The whole Urban Games team say thanks again for your interest and contribution!

29 thoughts on “One hundred thousand thanks

  1. Well thank to you too for providing us such a wonderful games. Its been a year and I am still enjoying it in the same way I did it one year ago. However please improve few broken elements regarding interface.
    I am looking forward for your next title. I Will add it too my wishlist as soon as its details are revealed.
    This said, I wish you all guys best of luck for Urban game’s future.
    Vinay Kandoi

  2. Thanks for letting me waste 340 hours of my free time on this absolutely wonderful game, here’s to another 340 hours of my time for TF and that new game you will create in the future! 😀

    – Jason M.

  3. Congrats, guys! 🙂

    Thank you for this great game! And good luck with new project, we’ll waiting for 😉 Hope it will moddable too. 😀

    Also russian modding community still creating models too. c:

  4. Very glad to hear it’s sold well enough to finance a follow-up! It’s a fantastic game, and definitely the closest anyone has come to creating a true step-forward from Transport Tycoon.
    As much as I’d like to see the current game expanded, I think that starting anew will be a really good idea. I hope the feedback you’ve had from Train Fever and the experience of having written it allows you to ultimately build a lot more diverse and interesting game, with more of a focus on giving the player fulfilling goals to work towards.

    I hope the new community management goes some way towards helping involve the fans in the development of this new game. I don’t think that’s necessarily always the best way – I tend to trust developers with their design ideas far more than I trust the general public :-)… but I think there are certainly good ideas to be found in the community, and they can be a great sounding-board for your own ideas.

    All in all, I think Train Fever was one hell of a debut, and I wish you guys all the best developing the next one. I’m really looking forward to playing it someday!

  5. …oh, one other thing I should add:

    Coastlines! Coastlines, coastlines, coastlines, coastlines.
    Did I mention coastlines?

    I really, really, really think that the map generation in the next game needs to provide as many user-selectable terrain shaping options as possible. The terrain is the core identity of the game – it takes up most of the screen most of the time! It needs to be treated like the main character in an RPG 🙂 Options and coastlines and more options!

    • Couldn’t agree more!! And that should include track planning tools 🙂

  6. Thank you for providing this very great game. But please, just like Colossal Order, don’t try your own engine again. I bet you spend a lot of time solving lag issues. Go to Unity your something, support Workshop.

    I’m looking forward to your next title. The love for trains we share will definitely bring a great new title.

  7. Der Urban Games
    First of all I also have to thank for the quit good game, but what do you think about to asking the community at a point, where you know what feautures the game will include and then ask what is missing.
    Whatever I hope the New game is at least so good like TF .

  8. you really deserved every sale!

    cant wait for your next game (hopefully a Transport Tycoon revival) with Trains Trucks Ships and Planes

  9. Congrats.

    This game may not be the most polished, but it was a very good start for a first game by a studio and much better than some of the games you can get from the old guard studios. If you learn what works and doesn’t from this game, I am sure your next will be an even bigger success.

    Right now the best transport tycoon game out there is still Open Transport Tycoon. It will be nice to have a true successor to that game from the 90’s.

  10. Thank you for the beautiful game!
    I hope the next game will also train (although ships and planes would be nice)
    Remove a rule 20 minutes!
    Make extensive signaling semaphores, and more goods!

  11. Halo!

    Wann kann ich schon die Menge der Städten einstellen?
    zbs.: ich will nur 3 Stadt in der große Karte.


  12. This nice game is my favorite. I played it almost 100 hours. I like the landscape, the trains and everything else. But please add more trains.

    • More Trains? Ever heard about the modding community? there are hundrets of Trains and Wagons out there 😉

  13. I am also glad you are designing a new title. I hope you will use the huge feedback you had on this title (I hope better than with the current game).

    Train fever is a nice game, although it could be better designed and implemented. There seem to be a nice simulation engine for passengers transport and city growth. However, even now after many patches it feels somewhat unfinished. I hope you will correct a few important things mentioned many times in the forums like more customizable maps, road-rail crossings, slower time etc.

    Anyway, good luck with the present and new game.

  14. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

    I certainly won’t be lining up to buy whatever your next product is. You promised the moon and delivered a ham sandwich. Not a particularly delicious one either.

    There were so many obvious flaws in this game. Things that should have been fixed before release. This was close to a great game, but the flaws, while not overly numerous simply were too key to let the game shine.

    You showed little interest or ability in address those and I’ll be taking my wallet somewhere else next time.

  15. I like train fever, but as mentioned has many flaws and is basically unfinished. Whatever your next project is, you won’t get my preorder for sure. Maybe I’ll buy it few months after release if community feedback will be good.

    Please fix Train Fever before working on anything new.

    Best regards

  16. Has it really been released a year ago? I only purchased it a few month back, and initially I was very happy to see a new transportation game, which I am a fan of. However, the more I play, the worse it gets… Graphics and music are pleasing, and that’s about it.
    It takes more space than a train station needs to build junctions to platforms when double tracks are built, mostly due to diamond junctions not implemented. Various errors when building railroads or roads, especially with bridges. Errors when trying to cross railroad with road. Inability to destroy road, even when connection to the main network exists. Train depots are PITA also. No option to expand an existing train station. No option to reserve space around tracks/stations for future improvements and so on.
    In other words, a BETA VERSION being sold as a finished product. This game has potential, but for some reason devs went after easy money and created an engine in hope that the modding community would further improve and customize it.

  17. Starting to think we have been taken for a ride with this software company. The worst part is there is never any communication about what they are doing.

    Last post was in July 2015!!!! Why is that?

    According to your last post, and i quote “In future, seven people will work at Urban Games. One particular highlight is that one of our employees will work as a community manager. As a consequence, you can expect that our communication and community support will be much better in future.” So were is this communication????

    Very disappointing that you treat community like this, as they say “Actions speak loader than words”.

    Not generating much loyalty here or trust!!! Very sad.

      • Hi Wato

        Thank you for the response, it appears there is someone watching 🙂

        What does IIRC mean?

        • IIRC – If I Recall Correctly. Especially common to be used when trying to cover up a vague guess, or when you are truly befuddled and trying to recall a fact of some sort.

  18. I bought Train Fever right back at it’s release a year ago, I’ve seen it’s changes, some good, some not so good. Even with it’s few faults this is still a great game and for me is the best tycoon type game ever, I still love it a year later.. Great game guys and I’m looking forward to your next release…x

  19. Please make Industry Giant 3 as your next game. It’s so nice to build up the factories and transports yourself and micro managing to optimize. I just played a little Industry Giant 2 and thought, if only it was with train fevers 3d graphics instead.

    I am looking forward for updates to train fever as well as announcements on your next game. Keep up the good work.

    • Yes!

      Industry Giant and Transport Giant have a lot of the gameplay that I like, but the graphics are blah and track building and signals are pathetic. Station upgrades are cool too.

      TrainFever has the graphics. The track building is much better but it still could be greatly improved (level crossings, roads placed other rails, less “collisions”, etc.).

      But the most frustrating thing for me in TrainFever is the lack of animation and production of the industries. I want to see my Bigboy pull 100 cars through a working coal tipple which visually loads the cars. Hell, 20 year old games have working animated industries.

      Too often I build a route (e.g., coal and iron ore to a steel mill and a separate goods train to a city) and NOTHING HAPPENS! Nothing is produced and the trains all run empty. I want to see some fruit from my labor. I want to see the industries grow and prosper and fill my trains with products. I want to see new industries appear and need service.

      I know . . . . YOU NEED DEMAND! I hear that over and over. You know what? Demand just doesn’t happen in most cases and it doesn’t build enough to do much of anything. This is where TrainFever falls flat. It gets too repetitive and boring.

      Incorporate the good parts of TTD, Locomotion, Transport Giant. Give me something to transport. Give me something new like a seaport to bring doublestack trains to and freighter ships to export my goods like in A-Train. Give me an inland distribution center to unload my doublestack trains onto trucks for delivery to nearby cities. It’s been said over and over . . . we need a modern version of Transport Tycoon . . . PLEASE!

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