Train Fever – behind the scenes

As the development of Train Fever is continuing, there is a lot going on at Urban Games. We would like to share with our community what we are currently working on and also meet your interest in behind the scenes information about Train Fever.

So, in a series of blog posts, we want to take a look back at a thrilling, diverse and informative time, share our thoughts and experiences with you, discuss what we learned and give you some insight into topics you usually don´t hear developers talking about. Of course, we will also say a few words about the next game update.

speed_trainPart of our office in Schaffhausen with artists Manu, Coach and Stephan

The development of Train Fever turned out to be very dynamic with constant need for adapting. We want to highlight some examples on how we integrated difficult features and why sometimes something looked simple but turned out to be a big challenge.

Despite our company is a small team and started only as a two man business in 2013, since then from investors to publishers quite some people were involved in making the game happen. We want to show that releasing a game is a lot of effort and involves a lot of various processes.

Train Fever is the first game we released and it was exciting to go through this important and delicate process. How reviews and Steam sales can influence sale figures was very interesting for us to monitor and will provide another topic to reflect on.

As modding and the community are two of the main cornerstones of Train Fever´s success, we will talk about user created content, what we learned from the community and how we handle suggestions and wishes towards the game and what was done based on the immense amount of feedback from the Train Fever players.
So stay tuned until next week when we share our first blog entry about one of the many topics mentioned above.

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8 thoughts on “Train Fever – behind the scenes

  1. It’s nice to see that the team is not “dead”, many many days has passed since last post!
    I look forward to see your next posts as you said, it will be quite interesting!
    But, during the summer you mentioned that you are about to start your next game, and nothing has been ever said again about that… could you give as more info? if it will be as good as train fever, i can’t wait about it! Also by sharing your idea about it, i’m sure the community will give you tons of new ideas!!!
    in general have more update/blog posts! Take the example of the SCS Software (the euro truck 2 company) blog updates 😉

  2. It’s been a pleasure both playing this game and showing it off on my YouTube channel to an ever increasing audience. Looking forward to see what you guys bring to the table next.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Sounds very interesting!
    Especially: «We want to highlight some examples on how we integrated difficult features and why sometimes something looked simple but turned out to be a big challenge.»
    Keep up the good work!

  4. I love this game. But now I am really excited about your new projects. Looking forward to your future blogs. Wish you all the best

  5. hi, are you guys advaliable for tech support?
    i am having problems with train fever, the game will crash 30 seconds after i start a new game, everytime without fail.
    i have the USA DLC under the belief that this will solve the problem but i hasn’t, i have all the system requirments but still not much good
    please help?

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