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“I like a N-S E-W main roads right thru the center.   I also have a large road that rings it.     Then I draw 6 roads out from that ring to all the cities on the map. “

What about the uncontrolable AI traffic ? Wouldn’t this create enormous traffic jams or, on the contrary, perhaps help to solve them ?  ( i noticed if you just click a piece of road to upgrade it, even if it’s already been upgraded, the traffic jam is gone instantly, but not for long… )

Just been rewarded for reaching 400 productivity, proud of that. 😉  Steel mill delivering to all 7 cities either by rail and road. The 3 oil refs i have running is another matter. I just had to close down one that was served and handed out goods via rail. Costing a constant 1.5M. Also closed down a rail line between 3 cities that cost 3.5M in the end while it was running great in the beginning.

After removing the rail line i setup bus lines to the same cities. Makes me sad to see people crowding up at the bus stations to get to these cities which they didn’t care about anymore when only trains would take them there… What is wrong with these people ???… What is wrong with trains ???…… Why in heavensname do they prefer jumping around on a bus hopping and bopping over a long winding country road while they can sit in a comfortable chair on a comfortable train, smoothly running at 180 km p/h, while enjoying hot or cold beverages, and possibly even cheaper too…  Search me, i don’t know.  Train Fever ??……  😉

And thanks for explaining about laying of roads in respect of city growth. Noted.  😉