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I also think it’s a good idea for towns to accept more types of commodities than just ‘goods’. The most obvious would be to introduce an agricultural cargo-vector. Towns above the snow-line would require food to grow, whereas towns below the snowline would just accept food. Because of the way the cargo ‘walks’ if it’s close enough to it’s destination, this would work really well in Train Fever, because towns above the snow-line would be fed if they are close to a food-processing-plant which is close to a farm.

Another good reason for making towns accept multiple types of commodities is that in the current system, it is too easy to oversaturate a town with goods, and beginner-players may be confused as to why their goods-lines are not working (because the destination town already has it’s full supply of goods).

I also like the idea of dividing the map into rural and urban places. As it is, the map just contains ‘cities’ in a uniform distribution. As well as adding ‘towns’ and ‘villages’ to the map, it would e a good idea to make the distribution non-uniform, so for example, we could have one part of the map that resembles the German Ruhr-area, and another part that has a very rural characteristic to it.