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I want a massive distribution center. I would like to watch the traffic and tweak the transport of goods from a central area to the entire map. If for instance I needed 4 oil wells to allow a refinery to make 1600 goods then that’s fine. In fact that would be awesome. I’ll figure out how to connect those 4 into a massive line to provide the factory with enough oil to make that many goods. Really put 4 long platforms to use pushing oil.

That sounds fun to me.. I feel very limited just linking one raw source to one factory. It’s not like General Motors only has 1 supplier to make all of their cars. Even with a 400 prod oil well to a 400 prod goods factory I only need two trains and a single small platform. There is nothing to solve there.. Simply drop a few trucks or a train, connect the dots, and let the goods get to the closet town. The same thing would apply to a 1600 oil/1600 goods by the way.. sure longer trains but really nothing to solve.

I really don’t think this is asking for much just a higher limit on goods production and a justifiable reason as to why. It’s not really a train game, it’s a logistics game, and having my logistical skills challenged if I so choose should be part of the game play.