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I just wanted to add that I have recently bought Tranz – A New Era (being on a constantly frustrating search for THE NEW Transport Tycoon, which it is not – WHY CAN’T ANYONE DO THIS!!!).  Anyway. I am greatly impressed with the detail.  The trains themselves look great.  They use actual real names and logos with many of the old classics which is very cool like the “New Haven”.  Switch points actually move.  The railroad signals work and look very realistic.  The road crossings are exactly detailed and impressive – huge American style overhead gantrys with flashers.

It can snow or rain or do e*verything in between.  It’s visually stunning in many ways.  Taking that level of visual graphics and adding Transport Tycoon/Locomotion game play seems like a doable project.  There is obviously interest in a modern TTD, but no one seems to be able to do it even though the game is like 20 years old!

I am sure the developers know every competitive game out there, so they must be aware of TANE.  Bring your game up to that level of realism with better TTD game play, add some needed improvements (like building roads over rails, new track construction possibilities, improved industrial production with new and changing industries), add some new features (like container seaports to import/export goods), and you will have a successful new game.

Somebody needs to do this – it might as well be you guys!