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I too have TANE, but (Open)TTD and TANE are two different animals.
One is a game, the other a simulation.

It took them several years to write TANE.  I don’t want to wait that long.   I too marvel at the detail, but (and excuse me for saying so) it’s for the excessively detailed train freaks (they’ll come unglued if a train whistle doesn’t sound right, or the color scheme wasn’t available at that time, for that engine).

If they’re gonna do a new game (hopefully about trains) I hope they do an updated TTD, with much better graphics (one look at OpenTTD and you’ll see that should be easy), more industries/goods, etc.

I’ve tried Locomotion, CIM2, Freight Tycoon Inc., Industry Empire, Industry Giant 2, Industry Transporters, OpenTTD, and Transport Giant.  I’m looking for something like Sid Meier’s Railroads!, but without the cartoony graphics, much larger maps, and based on mostly on industrial transportation (with some people moving thrown in).

Course, what I’m envisioning for the “perfect” game for me is different than the one for you.  They’ll never be the “perfect” game for everyone.