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There is no “wrong” if you compare signalling systems of different countries, only “different”. It’s pretty racist to say, we do it wrong and only the Britains do it right.
Germany is not the only country that does it like this, also several other central european countries do it like this or in a similar way.

And think about it:

What do you want?
That the devs integrate the signals and according signaling system from every country?
Things can go very akward then, it would’ve slowed down development, so they concentrated on only one signaling system, the ones, they can see with their own eyes on the german-swiss-border.

I think, they can add the signals and their according systems of the most important countries in the future, so you have a option in the option menu, what signals and signaling systems you want to use.
Like how you change your graphics quality, only that you change from British to Central European or to American or whatever.

However, imho this isn’t a very important thing that needs to be done asap, the players understand the system thats in place now, this should be done in the intermediate future, there are other, more pressing matters at hand.