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And when i red about the double track switches i felt like cheering :D :D :D:D:D:D i just hope it’s true and they’re coming !

Where did you read that? Do you have a link? What else is in the pipeline?

I read that too, it was in a Tweet I think, and it was in German, I used the translate function to read it.  It didn’t say all that much and there is in general a lack of information.

It has been now 6 days since my original post and we still don’t have anything official from the devs on the site that I can see.  Since my original post I have found some stuff in German as I already mentioned above but translating German tweets in an effort to divine some news is for the birds.  Something official here on the forums or a progress report on the main page would be nice.  It doesn’t have to be extensive.  Just a hello, we haven’t forgot about you, no we aren’t all dead in a bus/train/plane/computer crash would suffice.