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According to their post in this thread, which post-dates the release of the last patch, they refer to “the next patch”, which implies they’re working on another patch (or at least started working on one).

As much as I’d like to see new features in TF (and removal of some annoyances), from reading the forums there are many people who cannot even get the game to start, so if I were Urban Games, I’d be giving those bugs a higher priority than anything else.

Personally, I think that if an update isn’t likely to be ready by some deadline, the deadline should be pushed back rather than the development rushed. An example of this was when the USA DLC was released (at the last possible moment of the “by the end of February” deadline) and the user-interface on the mod-selection screen had some problems if a large number of mods were installed (although to be fair, Urban Games did release a patch fixing this within a few days).

Also, I think that as well as hiring a communication manager, they need to hire more programmers and adopt some programming-practices suitable for modern post-release game development, such as having two code-streams to enable rapid bug-fixes without disrupting the development of new features too much (I can tell that this probably wasn’t the case because in the beginning of February, there was a bug that causes some savegames to not load, and nearly one month later, a patch came out (that included what was needed for the USA DLC to work), which was the first patch since that bug reared it’s ugly head).