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in just afew hours the game will be released worldwide
and this post is mainly for the dev.

since i think its kinda alittle stupid the only place (right now) where mods is uploaded and forums about it
is mainly on germey(i know its a fan site but still kinda alittle stupid its on germey so i hope they change it to english and try to get ppl there to post in english)
i mean just cuz the game is mainly with trains from germey does it not mean the only onces who play the game speak germey
like Lego is made by denmark
that does not mean the only onces who play with it is speaking danish

this site is in english,the game is also english alot from not germey speaking countrys will be playing this game(its even on top selling on steam)

i mean basely most of the beta lets play is from US

so yeah a offical english place to upload/download the mods and forums about them
if not offical i hope that fan site will change its main language to english

i even see afew posts in english so there is alitte english there but not much

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