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It’s me Jason again. I can’t believe I haven’t asked this major question since I joined the TF community and I’m again to lazy to search the forum to see if anyone else has asked about this… so I’ll ask now…


“Will there be a scenario/career editor Like the one in Railroad Tycoon 3?”


Now I’m being VERY specific about the RT3 editor as opposed to the ones in Simutrans, OTTD, etc.


I want to know if you can make situations to we’re multiple goals and events like building a station in a town in x amount of time, connecting x cites/industries to each other, etc. can be added to a map along with the bigger overall goals like having a company value of x, transporting x amount of cargo, etc.


Also the ability to take save games and make them into scenarios would be nice.


Finally will us more advanced users be able to make custom scripts/triggers and player choices that effect the play model like a “disaster” that affects good prices or a choice to make commands where a player gets options to choose a reward such as lowering vehicle purchase cost for x time, speeding up vehicles by x%, etc.

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