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Hey, Mansen!  Could you maybe conduct an experiment for me?

The experiment I want you to conduct goes like this:

  1.  Experiment preparation – build the usual setup: 2 towns, train line between them, circular bus lines one in each of them, setup all the vehicles and trains to run but don’t let them run yet. Pause the game and save it to unique file.
  2. First part – load the save, start vehicles and trains, let it run for 10 years, note the profits of each line every year, then reload the save and repeat this procedure a couple of times.
  3. Second part – load the save, to each town add another circular bus line that goes in exactly oposite direction through the same stops and has same number of vehicles like the previous ones. Save it to another unique file. Load new save, let everything run for 10 years noting profits each year. Repeat it a couple of times.
  4. Post the results here.

What do you say?