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Thanks for your replies !

>I don´t know where you heard this, but it´s not correct.< 

Well, i’ve heard it right here, many times….

>You may use as many industries as you like on any map, independent of size and number of cities.<

Really ??…. Could this have been implemented in the latest update i wonder ? ( i did not play TF for more than a year..)  Sounds great but it’s the first time i read someting like this about TF industries… There is of course something realistic about the competition that industries may encounter. On a large map however it seems to become undoable to supply goods to all cities from just 3 plants.

Well, i suppose it won’t hurt to give it a try, i save all my doings anyway.  ;- )

>I think that the question was not well formulated: is it true that supplying the SAME CITIES by MORE INDUSTRIES disrupts the supply chains ?<

No, the question was formulated Ok. It is about delivering goods from only *one* steel-, sawmill and refinery. I have always read that if you f.i. have one steel mill running at top production and you start running another (of course supplying goods to *other* cities than those supplied by the first steel mill) you will see the top production of your first steel mill deteriorate very rapidly. This is also exactly my own experience but that is more than a year a go….

It just might be something has been done about it with the latest update and i would surely welcome that very much.

Let’s see…..

Thanks much again, gentlemen ! :- )




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