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But if you have the millions to spare, you can have some fun! I’ve been experimenting with semi-sunken stations to I can put road bridges over the line without them being so strongly arched. My latest example:

(Bigger, non-distorted picture on here:

Somehow one bridge ended up with no middle support pillar. Most times I’ve tried it, you have to be very careful to arrange the bridge so the middle pillar ends up between the two sets of tracks, like the other end of this town:

(Bigger picture here:

The basic depression for the tracks was made using several long roads and the “N” key to push them down, then deleting the roads. I tend to use roads for a lot of terrain sculpting. 😉  You can see the work I put into making the slopes as nice as I could, but of course after a few years the game has plopped in some buildings with abrupt, sharp foundation terrain. Oh well.

(Bigger picture here:

Be sure to have a good supply of cash if you want to build this sort of thing. Including demolishing a fair chunk of the original town, I seem to recall it added up to about $25 million to build this setting.

Good fun though. 😉

(Edited to add proper picture links)

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