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I think, we need a dev statement, what factors decide, in which direction a city grows, because my biggest city in the first game has grown on the other side of the tracks, though they needed to cross the tracks.
So I’m not sure, if the fact, that they need to cross tracks by a normal track-road-junction really makes a difference for the program.

The only thing I could imagine, that makes a difference, is, if the City needs to establish a rail-road-junction by itself, since I only have crossed existing roads, which the city later on used to establish a connection to the new city parts on the other side of the tracks which I could observe by the fact, that the city upgraded the neighbouring dirt roads to normal city roads and later on modern city roads.
Since there are some minor difficulties for humans and that the track construction tool is rather sensitive regarding needed space, I think, the AI has too many difficulties to build roads itself across tracks, so they don’t expand across your trailtracks, if there are no existing crossings or they still do but over a crossing, that is very far away from the city, which would look akward.

I never experienced such a scenario but I could test it in my second game, that I play by now, if cities grow faster over tracks, when I cross the tracks with bridges or tunnels and not normal crossings.