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Your posts are funny.
There are not many companies, that listen so much to there customers then this one. The communication is not perfect, but they listen. They just doesn’t speak so often till now. This will probably change in a month (or two?) =)

They got not just crowdfunded, they have used the money to do something new. There is no game that is similar to train-fever. Technical of course. Only Cities: Skylines tries something equal, but not cleanly as train-fever does it. Sure, it is not perfect. But hey, what game is perfect? If you don’t like it, i like it. If someone else doesn’t like it, there is another one, 2, 3, 4, … that like it.

If a game doesn’t fit your dreams doesn’t make it bad. If a company doesn’t reply to you doesn’t mean it is not listening to there community. Telling everyone, that you have not paid the full price to support the company but yelling around like a little teenager how ******* the game is. Do you really think anyone would just want to listen to those people?

You probably have cost them already more then you have paid … good work! 😀
For me, it seems more that they respect you more then you respect them … i bet many companies would have already thrown you out of the window. So, i would say: 3:0 for them 😉

Have a nice day 🙂