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unfortunatly Admiral, they are right. This bug in particular is a nasty one that does mess up the game pretty badly. Now I don’t care if a train reverses when I’ve got millions in reserve. But when I’m early in a hard game and I have to watch out to not go in the red I really don’t need trains reversing their course and costing me a lot of money.

A fact that is further complicated because trains don’t space out over the tracks in any way. So you spend a lot of in-game time getting trains to travel at regular intervals only to start working on the next line and suddenly notice that your earnings are plummeting because one of your lines is messed up again. You then load a save game to undo the damage but the moment you make the same changes to your game, the same train will reverse again and now you have to start building and modifying tracks while constantly keeping an eye on your trains.

Trains reversing is one of the big problems of this game and I had hoped that they would have found the cause by now and had been able to fix it.

I love the game, and I had my money’s worth out of it in hours of gameplay. But I’m going to buy the sequel when it comes out. Not until I can find someone who states that the second game doesn’t suffer from the same major issues the first game did.