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On this we agree.

The biggest error in Railroad Tycoon 2 was you could transport passengers from a town to anywhere. One of the German games I used to own tried to fix this problem, but set 10 destinations  for each town of specific passengers going to others. It overwhelmed you. It is a problem transport games face. This game wins on this aspect with the 20 minute rule. It is the closest I’ve seen any game since the A-Train to dealing with a realistic world.

You mentioned Simutrans, but then dismissed it due to capacity balance fails, like this game. I must confess, I’ve not brought it, would you recommend buying it?

I’m away now for probably a month and will look forward to your reply when I return on that game. I just want a game I can sit down to, enjoy and chill out too. As I get older I grow more more intolerant of games that make you work, after a real actual hard days/months work, companies that produce games that make you work miss the instant money us older gamers always have to buy their product.

I predict that eventually all games aimed at young people will appear on Mobile phones, all games for the older generation will be on Console or PC only. Anyway, I’ve rambled on this, but you helped me to solidify my thoughts on what the developers could do with this game, as opposed to what they are currently doing: Nothing.

I paid £6.50 or something for the game, it is worth far more, but only once they begin to re-code it. A second version at £30 is feasible if they simply fix the obvious problems.