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They need to add a special bridge building mode.

You drag out a road. You lift then entire thing up in the air till the game says OK it is high enough for a bridge and then you click ok.

Next step is the ramps , click on end of bridge , drag out and place on ground , you keep draging out that ramp till the game says I can make a ramp now, then you click ok. The ramp should not necessarily have to be straight the game should be able to do currves too.

A the moment I am sculpting the terrain for some bridges. The problem is if I make a mistake and make a wooden bridge and delete it to make a steel bridge instead the changes the game did to the terrain make the new bridge impossible to place. And it is therefore we need a special bridge building mode that brute force change the terrain and isn’t so careful and scared and nervous.

The game is so “nervous” when you place things that you don’t trust it be able to do upgrades. Instead you build the 5 track 400 500 meter stations immediately and when you make bridges you use the biggest road cause you believe the game will fail when you come back later and try an upgrade.

Same with bridges over water you try again and again till you have a 4 track brige. So you look at the map, make plans, and then you fill it with 4 track train bridges over water, and all the road bridges, and then you start connecting the stations and all these stracks under bridges you made. Cause goging back and upgrade you get error error error error.

This game is just as bad as all other games that have come before it where you can change the terrain. If you delete any tunnel or bridge u made you can not make the same tunnel or bridge in the same spot again. They all complain about the terrain being wrong. And they behave indentical all these games one wonder if they us the same algorithm.

No there should be a special tunnel bridge mode where the game just brute force change the terrain until it is happy with the terrain and not look at the terrain and then decide I can not do this ……. when the game ofcourse could do it.

These bridges are very important so you can haul gods over the tracks to where the train station for goods are.

Also I noted when placing a train station for goods next to one for passengers that either you freely place the station and rotate it as u like , or you make a road first and the station align itself with the road. But these stations don’t seem to react to any piece of tracks. you know, automatically connect iself to the end of an existing track.

If it did it would be easy to perfectly align the passenger station with the one for goods. You just lay a lot of parallel tracks till you get the right side offset. Then you delete the tracks inbetween and connect the goods station to that track stump.

Bridge / tunnel tool, and that stations have a magnet the glu them to existing track.


Except for this I want in an advanced mode be able to write time tables. To really try squeeze a lot of traffic through bottlenecks.

And I want block signals. So the train drivers can “proceed with caution / reduced speed”. Just so you can squeeze even more traffic in.

The game have potential. And I am actually amazed it haven’t crashed yet. I am just stting there smiling and wondering while I do all I do , cut of tracks, rebuilding, while the game is runing at slow speed not paused.


It is good that it is always day while you build. But watching a train station with 12 tracks and signals at night would be cool.

right now they probably only work with stability patching but the game is not finnished. And it needs intelligent and understanding players. Cause it takes a long time to build these rail networks …. error error error error collition, terrain is wrong , no can not do that. etc etc.

you have to keep working on this title.’