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I had same problem made no money took to long or got stuck in traffic miles away from the stop, due to being diverted so I came up with the straight line rule and so far they all make alot of money and frequency goes down to 20 sec.  I’m on my phone so can’t put screen but I will later to show you what I mean I’ll try explain.

Make a straight line from where you want to go, blue to red to green to yellow most populated,  then when making the line click all 4 then click the last one again then 3rd and 2nd and 1st you have 4 bus stops but the bus will stop 8 times and you will get a perfect line on just that one road, and I only need 2-3 buses or trams in 1909 and they the line is at 450 odd thousand. and at the end of one if the lines I put the train station  too which then In creases it. I usually have 3 if these a city in a cross format. I’ll upload screen tonight from pc