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There is no (cargo_medium_new) in the base game files…you must have a mod still in the files.

Delete the game…start over. Then have steam verify the files after re-install.

The “new-way” to install mods is to simply place the mods file-folder inside the new Mods folder. Don’t use any game managers as they have been known to install mod files back into the game’s res files…best to keep the main game clean, that way you can enable/disable mods directly from inside the game’s “advanced” menu settings. Mods should have a single file folder with their mods name on it. Several of the older mods may not have a single file folder for their files as they are thinking the player would install them right back into the main game files.

As the game is updated, many of the mods may have “issues” that need updated, like the UTF-8, simple change the mod builder just needs to fix his text. If mods cause a CTD (crash-to-desktop) simply write down the file name (as you have done) on the white error popup from the game…then go and remove that mod or turn it off in the advanced menu in the game. Go back to the forum and send a message to the mod creator as they may be doing other stuff and not aware. The creator will make said updates and then you can turn it back on after the fix.

Somehow you did not remove all the old files. Have Steam uninstall the game and re-install it, then after it is done…right click on the games name in your steam game menu, select Properties…then Local Files (it is like the third tab) then inside that menu the fourth tab down is Verify Integrity of Game Cache, click that.

When finished the game will run. Remember not to, install mods into your game’s “res” folder…use the new mods folder the guys worked so hard to create for us. 😀

EDIT:: Oh forgot I meant to mention if there is a mod you wish to use and the files are not in a single file folder with that mods name on it, then make a folder for it inside your mods folder in the game, then drag the mods files into your named folder. I like to name them some thing I can remember them by as they may not have a picture show-up in the games Advanced menu. All these mods especially the older ones need scrubbed and made for drag and drop install making sure they have the in-game pictures for the game’s advanced menu.

Hope this helps, hurry-up and get it re-installed and get back into the game!! 😀

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  • This reply was modified 7 years, 5 months ago by Lowell.