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Well I have been able to complete my own test, albeit a small circular route, 3 cities.

I ran 2 years point to point A-B  B-C  and C-A  two trains each,  then I went back and started the same 2 years with 2 circulars A-B-C than back to A then the counter clock C-B-A then back to C,  each route has 3 trains

After two years cost and profits were more or less the same so I think any added profit may be with larger routes like Trailvan86 has.

The advantage is that block control is easer as each loop has it’s own platform at each station,  but as gcampono points out this is not something you can do early in the game as the cost is higher double tracking everywhere.  Although you can get by with sidings just as we do with point to point.

And the other thing is, it looks cooler then point to point 😉

Thanks to Nope17 for posting the link to Dampfnudels Mega City,  I watched the full 14 minutes and came away with two thoughts.

One,  I’m going to need a bigger computer

Two,  I’m a rookie and need to do a lot more planning.