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>But to be honest, this ‘game’ is more of a sim. It’s more in tune with real life than openTTD, except for a few dumb ideas.<

Yup, i called it a ‘transport sim’ in my post above. 😉 I usually don’t play ‘games’. My favs are FSX and TS2015 and i also create content for both these sims. The last ‘games’ i played were the Myst franchise, which i always thought of as the pinnacle of computer games. And to some extend Euro Truck Sim and Anno 2070.

>I live in the UK, and I used to live in Cornwall, most of the railway there has been shut down in the last 30ish years due to cars being cheaper and faster to get to where you want.<

Sure, in that respect TF can be called realistic but in other parts of the UK railway is still more or less booming, isn’t it. Here in the Netherlands even new railways are build. I mean, it’s not only cars being the faster transport ( and often even  being slower compared to trains because of traffic jams, something which is (was?…) being extraordinairy well simulated in TF as well… 🙁 ), it can also very much be more comfortable and cheaper to travel by train. Some aspect of train versus car competition would’ve been good and realistic to replicate in TF but it’s just waaay too much as it is now.

>Most of the railway now just does vintage steam train rides.<

Don’t i know it… 😉 Not that i know much about Cornwall ( Very beautiful ! I ‘know’ it mostly from Inspector Wycliffe and the Coast series, must be wonderful to live there  😉 but i have visited the Severn Valley, North Yorkshire Moors, and Settle to Carlisle railways quite a few times. Talking about Train Fever !! 🙂

>Even though I love trains, I’m not gonna catch a bus to the nearest station (£5 and 30 minutes), to catch train to the city (£15 and 1 hour). When I can do the whole journey by car, and use less than £20 in fuel and parking, and do the whole trip in under an hour.<

Sure, very understandable of course but f.i. very different from my neck of the woods. I live in an industrial area not far from Amsterdam. If your work is in Amsterdam you’d be crazy not to take the train. Traffic jams all over during rush hours and hard to find parking space. Trains go every 15 minutes (during rush hours) and from my station only a 20 minutes ride. I used to work in Amsterdam and always went by train. Loved that, but true, i didn’t have a car then…  😉

>So the passenger part of train fever makes sense, annoyingly, the cargo however, is still annoying. Lol<

I still think it is hugely overdone, certainly because the sim is called Train Fever… That’s why i bought it… 🙂

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