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>What year are you playing at? <

1883 and all’s well..  ;- )


>I’m now in 2010, easy difficulty and some trains lose, but some earn a lot.  Overall profit.  No mods and no tricks in the game.<

Well, sure, i’ve made it to 2096, transport tycoon millionaire and all but that’s more than a year ago. I thought it would be interesting to see what the upgrade is all about. I gave up because of the annoying traffic jams and the constant red figures behind most of my railway pax lines. I hate red figures.. ;- )

Usually railway cargo worked quite well.

I figure in real life it will be hard for railway companies to make a profit as well but something that seems not to be replicated in TF is the rush hours. While trains in my area during normal hours can be seen running almost empty, during rush hours they are fully packed with people. And that’s a local service with many stops.

There’s this ‘no main connections 1.0’ now. Not really sure what it means but i’d like to find out.  ;- )