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>I used to live in a small town called Wadebridge, between Bodmin and padstow.There used to be a line running from Bodmin parkway station to padstow, via Wadebridge. But its been closed so long(before I even moved there) that it’s now just a cycle path along the river. It would be nice to re-open the line, but there’s half a town in the way now. Lol a tram line would be good though.<

 I see, very sad, must’ve been a nice ride along the river and the sea. Great though the path is still there ( i ‘walked’ along it for a piece, gotta love Googlemaps! ;- ) It’s a drag to have to close down a line in TF, in real life it must be really dramatic..

>I’m in 1960~  in my current game now, and I just build a high speed line from one end of the map to the other, with only 1 stop in the middle. And my God, most trains take a while to turn a profit, but this one was so full by the end of the first year, I had to upgrade the line to a double track and put a second train on. Lol not impressed though, I brought a 180kph train and cars, but it never gets above 130 :-( maps too short. Lol Looks like long distance is the way forward in TF.<

I am progressing very nicely as well,1946 now. Have to say i am quite surprised how well everything goes compared to TF before the upgrade, certainly re pax trains. I thought i’d have a look at the US installment. Love the locs and trains !

 >And yes, supplying a city with 2 different goods is bad for both industries. Same as supplying an industry from 2 separate sources. Ruins it for me.<

I have 7 cities on my map of which 3 are supplied with goods from the Oil Ref., 2 from the Saw Mill and 2 from the Steel Mill. So i guess that’s it as far as goods go… (plants still advice to ship more goods… )