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” One of the latest updates added the ability to select which cargo the cars can carry, open wagons for example can carry coal, or iron ore. You need to select which one you want now, no more auto selection!So if you have a train going from a coal mine, to and iron ore mine, then a steel mill, you need to make half of your train coal, and the other half iron ore. This is done via the buy vehicles menu, when you select the open wagons, or whatever, there a little icon to click on its stats page to select what cargo it will take.Same goes for cargo trucks. “

Ok, i see, thanks !!

So selecting which goods will be carried is *only* possible during the buy process, right ? *Not* after the vehicle has been bought ?

One thing still not clear to me, why is automatic cargo coal being delivered to the *Iron-Ore* cargo station ?…. Is that new too ?…

Sure, i can have my horse freighters ( no trains yet ) pick up that coal at the Iron-Ore cargo station as well, or probabely let them load half iron-ore/half coal. But is that really the meaning ?….

Thanks again !

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