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>Actually, there was a change that made cars take into account traffic. If too many people are driving a road and it gets clogged, now people will decide “that takes too long” and take the train instead.<

Sounds good!  Can’t wait to find out, thanks for the tip ! :- )

Before the upgrade it really put me off to see 5 or 6 buses in a row glogged up behind personal cars that were driving on the bus lane ! Is that still happening when car traffic really gets going ?

>Although I’ve never had issues with lack of train ridership,< 

You mean *before* the upgrade ?…

>maybe you should increase the frequency of your buses and/or trains so that people aren’t waiting too long. Trains are still faster than cars, especially with speed limits.<

So far it looks like the devs did a great job with the upgrade. I am still only in 1950’s now but i haven’t seen one red figure in my pax trains profits yet ! In fact all figures are still in the green but for one tram line. Still i see my 70km trucks stuck behind a 30 km bus on a 4 lane road…. Not all is fixed yet.. ( a bit ridiculous that a GM Fishbowl bus can only carry 12 pax, a real one carries 33 to 45 or even more..,no wonder all these crowds at the busstops  ;- )


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