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Thanks mucho, Cosmic ! So not much change there… Big Bummer…  :-((

In a transport sim called ‘Train Fever’ one would expect that trains would be the most preferable way of travel. Passengers or cargo alike. Nothing more disappointing than to see cars that the user doesn’t even have control over (other than destroy roads…) spoil the party.

Why the devs have assigned so much influence of cars in a transport sim called ‘Train Fever’ is a complete mistery to me. Even a bigger mistery is the fact that they didn’t do anything about that in the upgrade.

What’s the difference between getting bankrupt in Europe or in the USA because you can’t get a profit from running a train service. With a game called ‘Train Fever’ a true contradictio in terminis if you ask me.

But thanks again for your explanation, Cosmic. Sure hoped to hear something else. Atleast it’s clear that there’s not much use for me to start playing Train Fever again. If the devs leave this deplorable state of ‘Train Fever’ for what it is they’d better start calling it ‘Car Fever’…