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They should have named it “bankrupt fever”… Lol

But to be honest, this ‘game’ is more of a sim. It’s more in tune with real life than openTTD, except for a few dumb ideas.

I live in the UK, and I used to live in Cornwall, most of the railway there has been shut down in the last 30ish years due to cars being cheaper and faster to get to where you want.

Most of the railway now just does vintage steam train rides.

Even though I love trains, I’m not gonna catch a bus to the nearest station (£5 and 30 minutes), to catch train to the city (£15 and 1 hour). When I can do the whole journey by car, and use less than £20 in fuel and parking, and do the whole trip in under an hour.

So the passenger part of train fever makes sense, annoyingly, the cargo however, is still annoying. Lol