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Its possible. What is not possible is a truck to pick up materials that are sitting on a train station. Materials DONT move from train station to truck station.

For example, a train deliver iron to a train station in the middle of nowhere, and a truck will pick up this iron to continue the journey. Not possible.

What is possible?

– Train deliver raw materials to factory. Trucks will pick up goods produced from this factory and deliver to city. POSSIBLE.

– Train deliver raw materials to factory and also deliver goods to city. A truck will also get some of these goods to deliver to another city. POSSIBLE.

– Train deliver iron ore to Steel Mill and truck deliver coal to Steel Mill. POSSIBLE.


That is pretty intermodal to me.


I load oil get it to a refinery, on the same train i come back with fuel and drop it at the oil well. A truck line waith there to get it to the nearby town, but  it doesnt work at all.

This doesn’t work because trucks cannot get what you deliver in train stations.