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Reinstalling was of no use for me but I tried the latest experimental AMD driver (14.7) together with the raised driver response registry and no it is running but you can’t really call it running.

Stutering as hell, mouse movement is skipping frames and also is screen movement.

Funny thing about it: Lowering the camera to the ground so that horizon is showing lowers the rate of stuttering, the more ground that can be seen, the worse the stuttering gets, even with lots of assets in the field of view, if the camera angle is low, stuttering nearly disappears. On a 90° angle it’s just not playable.

So for AMD users with performance issues, updating the drivers does not help.

Btw what about the devs? I’ve not seen a reply to AMD users of dekstop rigs neither here nor on steam while for nVidia rigs solutions are given.

I would love to see some shown interest for ALL customers by the devs. 😉

(I know, they’re/you’re only 5 guys but Banished was done by only one guy without that bunch of performance issues on release and without even having beta testers to check issues up front afaik)