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I tried different resolutions, different graphic settings ingame, windowed mode, I also tried to start a new game, save and then load it, the stuttering shows no change. Also, it does not only occur ingame, it is also occuring in the main menu, as soon as the cursor comes near a button, stuttering kicks in.

In the meantime I spent nearly 3 hours of ingame time just messing around with different settings. All in all I tried about 5 or 6 hours of different tricks, from beta drivers to orcing/unforcing different presets and even messing around with some response delays in the registries (which are even with the 14.4 driver and the 14.7 beta driver are needed to avoid crash-on-start-issue).

By now I visited the Steam forums, this forum and the TF-Community forum in search of solutions and yet there seems no solution for this issue.

And as you can see in my first post my rig easily should handle this game so I’m totally clueless by now what else to try.

So by now I’m calling shenanigans on the code itself (maybe based on 64-bit or a multithreading issue).


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