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We’ll assuming your using windows on your PC if suggest opening the start menu or search box and running “dxdiag” to find out about more about your PC. If you can add the amount of ram your PC has AND gpu uses since it mostl likely shares it with everything else and what version of windows you use. If you don’t use windows list the OS and I can tell you how to find your specs another way.


Personally I use Ati or Nvidia GPUs  for all my PCs (except my windows tablet) since Intel GPUs are extramly underpowered. Anyway the HD 4000 is decent enough to run the game at a reasonable rate, the i5 should be enough to run a small or medium map full of vehicles, and I’m going to assume you habe ATLEAST 4gb of ram since that’s about the minimum most laptops have these days. This makes your laptop almost the same specs as my old gaming laptop (which has a GeForce 360m instead of the intel HD 4000) so it should run fine like it doses on mine.


Now that I have a simple understanding of what your specs are I’m going to “assume” some things.

A: Your settings are too high and your gpu can’t display the game due to the GPU locking up and crashes to prevent a whole system lock up. (This is VERY common on weak GPUs running .)

B:  Your resolution is too high or too low to display the game in full screen


C: Your game is missing files. This happens some times with steam games, simply “verify” your game files and it will re-download the missing files.

Hope this helps.  Jm764