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Guess the world is not black and white. All drm proven to be some sort of an inconvenience, with steam I get some benefits as well, as the huge library, offers and whatnot. Also if Valve wouldn’t be, perhaps developing games on Linux wouldn’t have started. Nowdays I play as much as I can on Linux and watch Netflix without commercials on Linux, if these drm systems didn’t exist I’d be playing on Win and watching commercials on tv in between the shows (which I didn’t for like past 5-6 years). The take one freedom offer another can sometimes be a good trade off imo.

I know gog and purchased a couple old games there, but I never seen any serious / up to date titles. I guess as much as we want our rights, publishers also want to exercise their right to ask money for their product instead of letting it to be pirated. It’s a right just as fair ours.

Guess it’s cost vs benefit as with everything.