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Haven’t really had a chance to play yet, as I’m stuck at work, but had a quick look at the map generation.

There appears to be a significant difference in town density depending on map size.

Small (4x4km) typically seems to generate around 5 towns, giving ~3.2 square km per town.  (square root gives roughly ~1.8km distance between each town)

Medium (8x8km) generates around 14 towns, giving ~4.5 sq km/town.  (~2.1km between towns)

Large (16x16km) generates around 25 towns, giving a plentiful ~10.2 sq km/town.  (~3.2km between towns)

…so it seems if you want your towns to have breathing room for some nice long distance routes between them, go for the large maps.

Even on large and hilly, it feels like there’s a few too many towns conveniently located along wide swathes of flatland alongside too many rivers, for my personal tastes.  So I’d still love to have the option to specify these things in the map generation.

For now though, I think I’ll be playing on Large 🙂