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Today I did some testing, if load/unload times are taken into account.

So far I am 99% sure it does!
I had a savegame for speed testing just like omoikane. With minor tweaks here and there I came up with two tracks right next to each other. Line A has two end stations. Line B has two end stations and two additional stations spread over the track. For testing, each line got a Dualstox.

Interval times immediately after assigning the Dualstox`s to the lines:
Line A: 6 Min
Line B: 6 Min

Interval times after each Dualstox got back to the first station:
Line A: 6 Min
Line B: 9 Min
Here it seems like line B has taken the additional stops into account.

Then I connected the two additional stops in the middle of line B to a city with busses feeding the stations to get more passengers.

Interval times after a while, with line B transporting about 50 to 60 passengers each time.
Line A: 6 Min
Line B: 10 Min
Now it seems like line B has taken the passenger load/unload into account.

After i disconnected the stations from the cities, the interval time on line B again went down to 9 minutes.

So far, passenger load/unload IS taken into account. To me it seems like every vehicle tracks its own interval, so it is not calculated, it is actually recorded. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say 😀

Also, like omoikane said, the length of the track is pretty important. The TFV has a horrible acceleration. I did a speed race between the BR 103 with 1 Einheitswagen IV, a Dualstox, and a TFV. The Dualstox wins on a middle map with the track taking about 3/4 of the map. Even the BR 103 wins against the TFV in this case. So yeah, acceleration often is more important than topspeed.

Btw, I’m not a native english speaker, so sorry about any misspelling or something like that.