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@fransgelden I did the same test and it works as frequency as I defined it. I said let it settle down. The initial number is a conservative guess, maybe the vehicle speeds are different, maybe the road speed limits are different on different parts of the line, maybe there are inclines. My point is once the number settles after actual measurement (takes about 2-3 laps and probably uses some sort of Kalman filter in the code) it can be timed at any point on the line. If you add a second vehicle the number halves, for a third vehicle a third etc.


1. Takes a 90s guess on first vehicle release


2. Settles on 66s after 2 laps


3. Adding a second vehicle halves the time


4. Adding a stop adds a few seconds


5. Now pick any point on the line, I used the mouse cursor by the tree let a vehicle pass and start a timer, the next one will pass in frequency seconds – 38 in this case. But as I said the line has to settle down and vehicles space out.

My point was if you’re defining frequency in a guide keep it simple – it is how often a vehicle passes any point on the line. The fact that the game takes a few laps to work it out is irrelevant to the player apart from maybe a mention. As I said frequency was never an issue for me – it’s a fairly simple concept for anyone who’s looked at a but timetable. My initial thread question was what the game does with that number in terms of the 20 min rule. Is it just a guide for the initial pathfinding or is that the waiting time for every person on that line.