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@TrainInfluenza: I see in the second image the bus frequency is around 66 second. But is it 66 seconds when the bus arrive by stop 1? Or is it 66 seconds travel time between bus stop 1 and 2? I’ve read through the guide and somewhere it was describing a situation where there was 5 trams something and then it told about multiplying the 60 seconds with 5 and you get 300 seconds or 5 minutes.

What I understand the guide try to tell is, you take the number of busses and multiply by the frequency to get the TOTAL travel time. I think this would helped you, because then you could¬† workout the total travel time with the bus, train and on foot. Thus if my tram take 5 minutes and train 6 minutes, then the total travel time will be around 11 minutes? And another extra 3 minutes of walking? That’s how I understand this, because its impossible for the peep to riding 6o second in the bus, while its going around the whole town.

I think this is how you determine the total travel time of a person. And to the original question, the waiting time is not calculated. If the total travel time is in the frame of 20 minutes, the person will travel with your transportation, despite it will wait a long time at the station.

What I do know is the frequency will be updated every year and if the train is frozen long enough, the frequency will skyrocket at the end of year and thus make the system obsolete.

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